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Women’s Dress Shirts: The Ultimate Buying Guide

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Tired of buying dress shirts that never seem to fit right?

Dress shirts are a modern and polished wardrobe staple that every woman should have in her closet. Whether you need a professional look for work or an easy-to-style casual shirt for the weekends, a button-down shirt is a versatile powerhouse that will work overtime in your closet. So how should you shop for the perfect button-down shirt?

The problem is that although button-down shirts are everywhere, it can be challenging to find a shirt that fits correctly. From gaping button holes to baggy, unflattering fits, it’s easy to fall into the trap of an ill-fitting shirt!

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We’ve created the Ultimate Buying Guide to Women’s Dress Shirts to help you add this classic style to your own wardrobe without any of the common styling problems.

Forget about Price

Remember, shopping for the perfect button-down isn’t about how much money you spend. Choosing the proper dress shirt is all about the size and fit, not the price tag! By following our style guide, you can shop for the perfect shirt while on a budget. The trick is to use a coupon code before you checkout to avoid paying full price for your purchase.

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Tips for Getting the Right Fit

A button-down shirt is rather merciless when it comes to fit. An ill-fitted shirt is unflattering and looks disheveled. So when shopping for your next shirt, make sure you set enough time aside to ensure the proper fit.

Here are some tips from fashion designer and master tailor, Andrew McLoghlin, to help you nail the fit, every time:

  • Your sleeves should hit your wrists.
  • Your shoulder seam should sit directly on your shoulder and not hang down.
  • Make sure your shirt is loose enough to allow proper movement.
  • Buttons shouldn’t be pulling across your bust.

Signs your shirt is NOT fitting correctly!

  • You have gaping holes in your shirt’s buttons.
  • You can’t move your arms up and down.
  • Your shirt won’t stay tucked in.
  • Your wrists are exposed.

The Right Color

If you’re only going to have one button-down shirt in your closet, then choose a classic, easy-to-style neutral like white or French blue. Choose colors like this and your shirt will look professional when you need it to but you’ll also be able to style it down for a casual weekend look.

Different Fabrics

Button-down shirts often come in different fabrics such as cotton, linen or blends. Cotton is the classic fabric for button-downs as it’s breathable and durable. While cotton is also easy to iron and maintain, it can be tricky to wear in hot climates as it tends to absorb moisture and sweat.

If you need to wear your shirt in humid weather, choose a linen shirt instead. Linen is a lightweight and loosely woven fabric which allows heat to escape from the body. It absorbs moisture but dries quickly allowing you to stay cool in hot weather.

Whatever fabric you choose, try to choose 100% cotton or linen rather than blends.

How to Style Your Shirt

  • Professional: Nothing looks more professional than tucking in your shirt, with or without a jacket.
  • Business Casual: Need to look polished and professional without being stuffy? Try a French Tuck!
  • Casual: An easy way to render your button-down shirt more casual is to roll-up the sleeves. Another casual look is to leave your last buttons unbuttoned and to tie a knot at the front of the shirt.

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