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Why Doesn’t My Girlfriend Want to Sleep With Me Anymore and How Can I Fix It?

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If a couple does not share moments of intimacy, including sleep, it is a cause to worry, since living together implies a lot to share with the person you love. Going to sleep in another bed or if there is a possibility in a different room is not a decision that should be taken lightly. 

Conflicts that are not resolved before going to sleep at night create a relational wall that becomes increasingly difficult to break down. The continuous cycle of ending the day angry can also create a feeling of hopelessness in your relationship. Sleeping arguing compromises the relationship.

It is scientifically proven that resolving a dispute with your partner before going to bed is better for the relationship than trying to ignore the conflict and leave the conclusion of the debate behind. The first thing that is thought if the couple does not sleep in the same bed, is in deception. It is the resource of anyone, but the truth is that there are many other reasons for this. If you have seen a noticeable change in your partner’s behaviour and are wondering why doesn’t my girlfriend want to sleep with me anymore, we have got the reasons and the solutions for you in this post. Let’s get started.

Why Doesn’t My Girlfriend Want to Sleep With Me Anymore: What Caused This Issue?

My girlfriend does not sleep with me. What should I do?

The reasons behind this strange behaviour could be many but we will try to list some of the most likely ones.

Various sleeping habits

Perhaps one of the two snores, or suppose that one likes absolute darkness at bedtime, while the other appreciates a little light. Snoring or darkness can keep one of you awake all night. Then there is the problem of rolling and spreading the limbs on the bed. If these are the cases, it is reason enough to wake up from time to time and find the space next to you empty. 

Your privacy is suppressed

Wanting to lie in bed and sleep at night is not out of the question. Even on nights when your partner wants to have fun, it’s hard to muster up the energy.  In fact, it is very easy to fall into this pattern as you become more comfortable with your partner. However, as a couple, sex is something you cannot put aside. 

You just want your own space

Having a partner for many is incredible, but one thing is for sure: there is no easier way to put aside independence than to get married. However, deciding to be together is a big step in any relationship. Above all, because living together in the same space is not the easiest feat. 

Sleeping alone is fun and healthy 

This type of relationship with the previous option is sometimes that simple. Some experts even say that sleeping only makes sleep healthier. Not only is it healthy for your body, but it also works wonders for relationships.

There are some unresolved issues 

This often spills over into other areas and a major change occurs in the bedroom. It can be from past infidelity, some kind of betrayal or friction. Not only will your girlfriend drift away sleeping somewhere else, but she will also do so in more ways than one. 

She feels a loss of companionship

A relationship can not only survive in the flame of passion, it is necessary to be friends to face it for better or for worse. So when the passion dies down and there is no friendship or companionship to back it up, it’s a different game. Whether you have children or not, take some time to share together. 

Your girlfriend not sleeping with you can range from stress to infidelity.  Perhaps you are going through something outside of the relationship or have specific issues inside. So you have to find ways to be proactive and look for non-confrontational ways to get things to run smoothly again. 

“My partner does not sleep with me” are five words feared by most healthy couples. The first thing you should try is not to push. Try talking to your partner about it and let him know that you are there to support him. I don’t mean to scare you, but sleeping with your spouse is very important. 

Sleeping together, even without sex, generates a form of closeness with the relationship. Although you should keep in mind that asexual marriages tend to be much less happy. In fact, couples in a sexless marriage are more likely to get divorced. 

How to start sleeping with your girlfriend again?

Here are some helpful tips that can help you sleep well with your girlfriend:

  • Avoid arguing with your girlfriend in bed. This aspect is very important if you want to have a peaceful and restful sleep, it is like a kind of rule that both of you should be clear about. If there are important things that we have to talk about with your girlfriend and that you believe can generate some kind of conflict, it is essential that you choose a time of day that is not in the morning or at night. It is essential that you can have a peaceful and restful sleep because otherwise, the next day you will feel quite tired and your levels of stress and anxiety will increase exponentially. In the morning, it is also important to take care of this aspect, since it is essential to start the day as positive as possible, which influences your mood throughout the day.
  • Try to reconcile your schedules and nighttime routines. This should be addressed as much as possible, since although we know that this can sometimes be a very difficult task, with a little effort it can be improved. For example, if your girlfriend is used to listening to the television or radio before going to sleep, she might choose to do it with headphones on, go to another room and then just go back to sleep, etc. The point is to try to interfere as little as possible in the other’s sleep.
  • Place a pillow in the middle of both. If your girlfriend does not stop moving from one place to another all night, you can choose to put a pillow as a kind of barrier that divides the area of ​​each one and that avoids, as far as possible, that there are so many uncomfortable collisions between both. Currently, some couples have also chosen to sleep in separate beds because they find it more comfortable.
  • Meditate together. Meditation is an excellent tool that can help you with your sleep problems. The fact that you start meditating next to your girlfriend will not only favor that both of you can sleep better, but it will also make your bond stronger and, therefore, the union, love and trust between both of you. This does not only happen with meditation, but also with any other activity that you do together.

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