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Which Ear Is The Gay Ear? It’s The Left, Here’s Why!

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Understanding which ear is the gay ear deals with celebrating homosexualism through a piercing! This dates back to a kinky time in the 1980s, where wearing earrings on the left ear indicated that the person wearing them was homosexual, and wearing them on the right indicated that they were heterosexual. So does left equal your gay best? Let’s find out! 

Discover Which Ear Is The Gay Ear

A brief history of the gay ear

The 20th century was a time that brought fear and confusion. The idea that earrings were an exclusive preserve of women soon crept under the rug and men became fashionable.

Then came the idea of the gay ear, no one knows if it was trendy or embarrassing. The idea may have come from people who are not used to seeing men with earrings.

Therefore, it is possible that many felt that the men who wore them were trying to copy women and become more feminine.

Most LGBTQ in the past would have pierced their left ear as the underground reputation for the left ear as a stand for sexual orientation grew. Therefore we can say that when a heterosexual get’s a piercing on their left ear then, it simply means that the ear which is pierced is the “gay ear”. 

The concept of gay ears is one that is rapidly losing steam. More and more people are getting their ears pierced without resorting to sexual inclinations.

Even with changing times and advancements, many people still consider piercing a person’s body part to have sexual significance. This was also true with the idea of piercings back in the 70s and 80s in America. 

During this time, it was not great to be publicly identified as LGBTQIA and neither was there any real social or legal coverage for people who belonged to the gay ear category. Many people lived in fear for their families, jobs, property, and even their own lives.

It is not uncommon to find people physically assaulted the moment they are discovered to be homosexual. The need for some kind of secrecy led to innovations in their lifestyles.

Typically, people who fall into this category will hang out in secret bars and local parks in the dark hours of the night. They often use subtle means to let people know that they are gay.

As people began to understand the codes that gay people use, a new phrase was coined: “Right is wrong and left is right.” The wrong in the phrase was associated with being gay.

Very quickly, the phrase of the gay ear spread like wildfire across the United States at a time when drilling was just beginning to gain ground. Body piercing was not for a long time what everyone generally accepted, it was mainly seen on rock stars.

In recent years the culture of piercing and tattooing has grown notably among the gay public. It is very common to see tattooed gays with numerous piercings and earrings, as well as gay porn actors whose distinctive characteristic is no longer that they are active or passive, but that they have almost the entire body covered in tattoos and with several earrings.

What is the significance of a cross earring in the left ear?

The hoop with a crucifix became the symbol of an era and the most belligerent jewel of the last decade of the century. Vindictive and with a very powerful connotative charge. But which side of the ear do men get pierced?


In the late 1960s, the hippie movement made the earrings on men a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity. In the 1980s, wearing earrings on the left ear indicated that the person wearing them was homosexual, and wearing them on the right indicated that they were heterosexual.

Most gay men tend to get pierced more often than their left ear, therefore when someone who is straight gets their right ear pierced, they get their gay ear pierced.

But yes, there is a code for the gay earring, a code of which we do not know its origin but which apparently determines your sexual orientation. 

There is a somewhat an old urban legend as it raises several problems: if a man wears earrings in both ears … is he bisexual? The theories will never end.

But the reality is that associating wearing an earring in a certain ear with being gay or It is not something that is completely out of date, we would even dare to say that it is something very retrograde, raspy, and very old-fashioned. Today we see men with earrings everywhere and we do not stop to think about anything, even when those earrings are more than just a simple hoop or diamond and become dangling crosses or even feathers. Put it where you want. 

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