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When is Jack Ryan Season 3 Coming Out?

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Since it premiered in 2018, “Jack Ryan” has been one of Amazon Prime’s most successful series along with “The Boys,” “The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel” and “The Man in the High Castle,” with two seasons filled with action and suspense.

But despite the fact that a third season has already been confirmed by the streaming service since April 2019, there are still not many details about the future of this series. However, more than two years after the announcement, there are some important details that have been thrown on the web that could give some hints about the plot, the release date and some other information for the third installment. Let’s find out more.

Jack Ryan Season 3: What Can We Expect in It?

When will Jack Ryan Season 3 be released?

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series was renewed by Amazon Prime for a third season just over two years ago, several months before Season 2 arrived in October 2019.

Regarding this issue, the head of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke, was quoted on the Deadline portal saying that “she did not see any reason not to do it” more episodes in addition to the third season, so that even a fourth could be among the study plans.

However, while season 3 is confirmed to be on the way, a number of details, including the plot, remain under wraps. Unfortunately, at the moment the release date of the third installment of this Amazon Prime series remains unknown. Also, the release dates for seasons 1 and 2 don’t give us many clues as to when Jack Ryan will return to the streaming service.

Season 1 of the political action thriller arrived on August 31, 2018 and was followed by season 2 on November 1, 2019. That’s a gap of 14 months.

If the gap between seasons was consistent, then season 3 would, in theory, have arrived in December 2020, but it obviously didn’t, partly thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and also due to other filming commitments by the protagonist of the series, John Krasinski, in “A Quiet Place Part 2”.

Has Jack Ryan Season 3 finished shooting?

According to the Deadline portal, the filming of season 3 of Jack Ryan was scheduled to begin in 2021, while other sources, such as Mail Online, suggested that production began at the end of 2020.

Reported filming locations for the third installment in the Amazon Prime series so far include Prague in the Czech Republic and Rome in Italy, and the production team’s globetrotting adventures will likely include a few more countries by the time filming ends.

Who will feature in Jack Ryan Season 3?

Beyond the series’ regular actors like John Krasinski and Wendell Pierce, only one new addition has been announced for season 3 to date. According to Deadline, it is Marianne Jean-Baptiste, who has been cast as Elizabeth Wright, the Head of Station and it looks like she will be a regular in the future.

Jack Ryan: The Story So Far

What happened in Jack Ryan Season 2?

The second season of Jack Ryan was released on Amazon Prime Video catalog to immerse us in a new context of conflict: Venezuela. If the first part of the show starring John Krasinski showcased in the cases of terrorists such as Saddam Hussein and appealed to the figure of the white savior in the warlike conflicts in the Middle East, in this continuation the protagonist puts on his shoulders the important task of unmasking a dictator disguising himself as a people’s hero and finally saving democracy in Latin America. Really, what would we do without the United States?

Let’s find out a little more detail. Let us warn you beforehand, major spoilers ahead.

What happens in Venezuela?

Jack Ryan travels to Venezuela to monitor the affairs of President Nicolás Reyes, who is facing decisive elections in the country. His government, despite proclaiming itself the leader of a revolution in favor of the people, behaves in the shadows like a true totalitarian state, which includes concentration camps for political enemies, torture, blackmail, assassinations and manipulation of the media. In addition, Reyes keeps the citizens in a situation of poverty and famine while his family lives in aristocratic luxury in the Miraflores Palace. This is the backdrop when Gloria Bonalde decides, after the disappearance of her husband (who was a government minister), to stand in the elections against Reyes. Thus, she becomes the Venezuelan hope, supported by the vast majority of the population and ready to end the current president’s mandate of terror.

What do the Americans do in this situation? Following the murder of Senator Moreno, Ryan and his partner Jim Greer investigate with the help of a new ally of the embassy in Caracas, Mike November, the way to overthrow the corrupt leader and return real democracy to the Latin American country. Greer, who was diagnosed at the beginning of the season with a minor heart condition, ends up being kidnapped and later rescued along with the other political prisoners. And that’s when the kingdom begins to crumble. A video of the protagonist recorded in the concentration camp with the prisoners is spread by the world press and forces the president to close the voting centers to ensure victory. A victory that, on the other hand, was never going to be effective, since Bonalde was the one who led all the true polls.

Which key characters died in Jack Ryan Season 2?

In season 2, a lot of the key characters died. First, Senator Moreno, who unleashed the whole plot, but also others who felt much more painful for the fans. This is not the case with Greer, who has overcome his threats of heart attacks and has come out of the action gracefully, although it seems that his words in the last episode augur a farewell to the world of fast-paced action. The one that we will not see again is Matice, who in Tom Clancy’s novels corresponded to the character of John Clark. In the series, he has always been a minor character without too much importance, but his charisma will be missed. In addition, his death leaves us with a promising character, Marcus Bishop, one of the members of his elite squad, who could return for a third season with much more prominence.

For her part, Noomi Rapace could return as agent Harriett “Harry” Baumann, a revelation this season, who has completely left behind the previous presence of Cathy Muller, girlfriend of Jack Ryan, to convert the new signing in your new romantic interest. Max Shenkel, a German hitman who wanted to end the life of Ryan hired by Eprius and who shared a past with Baumann, who has just been shot by herself, is not even in the middle anymore. Who knows if we will see her again in a third season, or if the role of “the girl” (because, well, there is only one per season in the protagonist’s circle) will be replaced again.

What new country will Jack Ryan save now? We will find out in Season 3.

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