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What are Hip Dips and How To Dress If You Have Hip Dips?

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When it comes to beauty trends, there is one of every kind.  Some tend to generate complexes and others to destroy them. Talking about hip dips has come for the second: to make thousands of women who had complexes about their hips, feel proud of their silhouette. In this post, we will talk about this latest trend which is a big shot in the arm for body positivity. Let’s get started.

Hip Dips: All You Need to Know 

What are Hip Dips? 

The hollow that is made in the sides of the hips. It is a natural trait in women that you may have noticed or are just now noticing this detail. It is clear that it is neither a defect nor a virtue, but a simple bone characteristic. However, many women see this as a flaw and try their best to get rid of it. In social networks it is not uncommon to find instructors who give exercises and advice to modify this quality of the hips. The trend that highlights the hip dips or violin hips, on the contrary, seeks to claim this characteristic to celebrate it, instead of trying to change. It’s a feminine trait that many women have, and that, regardless of their body type, weight or stature, today they look with complete confidence. Without a doubt, the hips are a very feminine part of the body that makes women look and feel more feminine, sexy and harmonious. All those are reason enough for which today they are a trend, and not precisely because they are perfect or imperfect, curved or flat, small or large. Regardless of the size, curves or shapes of hips, all women can wear them with the greatest security and confidence in the world.

According to their bone structure or their morphology women should learn to highlight their hips or reduce them; to get the effect they want. 

How to know if you’ve got hip dips?

The term hip dips or violin hips, refers to the slit or little hole that is made between your pelvis and the thigh. In some women this curve is very small, almost imperceptible, while in others may be more visible. Morphologically, it has the name of: “trochanteric depression” being a normal characteristic of many women that is determined by genetic and morphological factors, not by the accumulation of fat in the legs as is falsely believed. It can be more noticeable in your body when you have a greater distance between the femur and the hip or when you are thin and have no accumulation of fat in that area. You can see it when you wear leggings or a very tight pair of pants, you will notice that a different curve is formed between your thigh and the pelvis, you can also look in the mirror and check the shape of your hips. 

Are Hip Dips problematic?

Many women often wonder what is the correct way to reduce this “defect” with the clothes they wear? And while it is true that the correct garments can help us a lot to give another volume to the curves of our body, the most important thing here is that you first put aside the stigma that they are not very aesthetic or are a defect of your body. Not at all! Far from being a flaw, it is a characteristic that many famous women, influencers and models wear them with pride, as well as to create the Hips Dips trend. 

How to dress if you have got Hip Dips?

Currently, and with all the boom that exists in the networks about the trends that lead us to female empowerment, acceptance of the body and self-knowledge, we can find many options to change a little the areas that we do not like too much and make us feel uncomfortable. If this is your case and you want to work on your hips dips, a great option is to do some exercises to “round your hips”. But if you want to hide your hips dips with your wardrobe, you should do the following: If you wear jeans or denim, you should opt for mom jeans; If your style is more chic, city chic or elegant, a monochromatic suit with straight trousers will help you hide those hip dips. Today, it is very normal for women to want to highlight the areas of the body that they like the most and make themselves feel beautiful and safe. This is also the case with the hips and hips dips. And it is that, there are women who adore their hips and the shape of these, so they look for tricks to highlight them, for this you should do the following: loving our body, highlight your attributes and dress with security and confidence. It is undoubtedly the best way to enhance your personal image. 

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