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Toradora Season 2 Might Not Happen, Read About Why! (2022)

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Many fans have been waiting for season 2 of Toradora even in 2022. Even after more than a decade, anime enthusiasts are hungry, craving, starving, and hopeful for Toradora season 2. The worst part is that the fan craving for Toradora Season 2 was stoked by Netflix reopening Toradora on their streaming site. And even though more than 11 years have passed since the release of Toradora Season 1, we Toradora fans are still not ready to say our goodbyes to this anime series as rumors keep growing about the release of Toradora season 2. Let’s review these questions and rumors in this article. 

Toradora Season 2 Unlikely To Return, Here’s Why!  

Toradora is certainly a great anime in the romance genre, which is why even today, after more than ten years, and while it has no source yet, we cross our fingers hoping that the production studio of this anime, or maybe Netflix, has a pleasant surprise in store for us. After all, Netflix did re-release Toradora on its site. Perhaps they could bring Toradora season 2 by making it a Netflix original? It won’t be the first time that Netflix has done such a big deed, will it? Additionally, there have been several instances where an anime has been picked up for renewal after a decade or even two. We hope it will be the same for season 2 of Toradora.

Toradora Season 2 premiere date: 

The Japanese anime show Toradora Season 1 premiered on October 2, 2008 and concluded on March 26, 2009. Within six months, “Toradora” covered 25 episodes that were 24 minutes in length each. So far, there has been no news about the renewal of the release of season 2 of Toradora. And frankly, there’s almost no chance that Toradora season 2 will ever happen, given that more than a decade has passed since the first season of this series aired. From time to time, since the end of Toradora Season 1, there have been many rumors and speculations regarding the making of Toradora Season 2, but none of them have ever been officially confirmed.

Toradora Season 2 might not happen, here’s why: 

There is a source material factor. Toradora, the anime had been adapted from the light manga series of the same series, and season 1 of the anime covered all elements of the 10 published volumes. Of course, there is always a chance that Yuyuko Takemiya, the author of the manga series, may continue to write the volumes once again, but again, from a practical standpoint, the manga series ended more than ten years ago. Don’t you think that if new volumes of Toradora were to be written, it would have been done a long time ago?

However, there is still a chance that we will get Toradora season 2, but a fan-made version. But again, the fan-made versions almost never live up to our expectations and always end up being nowhere near good compared to the original anime series.

What is special about Toradora? Why should it return? 

Toradora can be categorized as a stereotypical angry high school girl anime. The characters are quite stereotypical. But even though the characters are very stereotypical and a little clichéd, which makes them nervous at first, if you hang around a bit, you’ll actually end up loving the Toradora anime. In a way, the characters are quite endearing and that’s exactly what grabs viewers’ attention and makes them fall in love with the characters. Some characters, while a bit boring, are quite memorable and unique. Each character in Toradora is very different in their own way compared to other anime series with similar themes. 

For most fans who are not in school, the Toradora anime series will take you back in time and remind you of your own high school days while for those who are currently in school, this series is super relatable. 

Toradora belongs to the romance genre (for those of you confused by that term, “romance + comedy”). And it’s very different from any romantic comedy anime you’ll ever watch because of its unique characters. The anime begins as a romantic comedy but quickly takes a very emotional turn. You’ll be truly invested in each character before you know it. The characters feel very real and close. The Taiga character who, at the start of the anime, manages to irritate viewers and get on their nerves with his stereotypical angry girl portrayal of the character, soon begins to earn a place in your heart as the movie begins. The story progresses. The soundtracks are also very memorable and it is largely their emotional content that keeps you connected with them. You just can’t get these tracks out of your head even long after finishing the anime. 

Many viewers even know people who watched Toradora for the second or even the third time, because apparently they couldn’t get enough of this wonderful and fun cartoon. Fans all over the world cannot wait for the news about the renewal of this series – Toradora Season 2 to come out.  

Toradora Season 2 characters expect to return:

Ryuji Takashu

Ryuji is the main character of the story. Despite his killer gaze inherited from his father who left before he was born, he is not the executioner one might think; he would like so much that the rumors about him to stop. He is also presented as a housekeeping maniac.

Taiga Aisaka

Taiga is also one of the main characters, a real miniature tornado who never lets herself be stepped on, hence her nickname “Pocket Tiger”. Taiga Aisaka possesses a real fury that is nonetheless cute, especially in the presence of Minori. 

This main character can be called “Tsundere”, but she is not linked to that because it is only a state of mind that passes to her during her teenage crisis. On the show, we can see it by seeing that Taiga Aisaka is in reality more sensitive and that the only thing she can do to defend herself is by choosing violence.

Minori Kushieda

Nicknamed Minorin, Minori is a cheerful classmate and young high school student full of life who always keeps a smile and is in good shape. Ryūji has a crush on her. She practices softball as well as some small jobs.

Yasuku Kitamura

Classmate and best friend of Ryuji, brilliant student. He’s kind of the darling of high school girls (especially loved by Kihara Maya). Taiga is in love with him, she reveals her feelings to him at the beginning of the story but he refuses her confession because he no longer has feelings for her (the opposite happened a year earlier). She will therefore be exposed to seeing him every day knowing that he does not feel anything for her. He is the vice president, and then, later in the anime, he is declared president of the high school student council.

Ami Kawashima

Ami Kawashima is Yusaku’s childhood friend who transferred to his class in the middle of her second year of high school and works as a model. This young top model leaves her career on hold to take an interest in her studies. After transferring to a new school, she temporarily stops her modeling career, but continues to actively attend the gym and keep her figure. With others, she is always outwardly kind and sweet, but hides her true haughty character. Immediately after they met, Ami and Taiga begin to clash, and Aisaka Ami receives the nickname Baka-Chi (stupid chihuahua) by Taiga. In public, she comes across as a sweet and kind girl, but in private she has an arrogant and very rude demeanor. Only Ryūji, Yūsaku and Taiga know his true personality.

Ami fell in love with Ryuji and tried unsuccessfully to start a relationship with him.

Yasuko Takasu 

Ryūji’s mother tends to let herself go as has a certain fondness for alcohol and works night shifts. She works as a hostess in a bar under the assumed name of Mirano and she supports her family alone. She has a childish character and is irresponsible, therefore she relies on her son for all household chores. As a mom, she dreams that Ryuji will go to college and get a good education, for which she finds a second job. She fell in love with Taiga from the first meeting and considers her a member of the family.

Himitsu Noto

Hisamitsu Noto is Ryuuji’s classmate and friend. Wear glasses. After a class trip to a ski resort, she falls in love with Maya.

Sumire Kano

Sumire Kano is the student council president. Has a strong character, setting an example for students. Yusaku falls in love with Sumire, but she does not reciprocate, fearing that Yusaku will trade her studies for her. Leaves for study in the USA.

Nonako Kashi

Nanako Kashii is Ryuuji’s classmate. Ami and Mai’s friend.

Maya Kihara

Kihara Maya is Ryuuji’s classmate and Nanako’s friend. In love with Yusaku, she tries to be as close to him as possible everywhere, not letting other girls near him. When she finds out that Taiga is in love with Yuusaka, she tries to get Taiga and Ryuuji together.

Koji Haruta

Kōji Haruta is Ryuuji’s classmate and friend. Has poor academic performance and is characterized by excessive energy. He likes to tease classmates, because of which he once fell under the hot hand of Taiga. He was the first to notice that Ryuuji and Taiga would make a good couple. Despite his character, he eventually finds himself a girlfriend, which he admits on Valentine’s Day.

Kota Tomie

Kota Tomie is a first-year student. The main character of “Toradora Spin-off!”. Usually dissatisfied with their lives. Kota Tomie works in the student council and has a good academic record. At first, he didn’t understand the term “Pocket Tiger” and fell in love with Taiga. He later fell in love with Sakura and ended up dating her as a result.

Yuri Koigakubo

Yuri Koigakubo is the 29-year-old head of Ryuuji’s class. Not married, because of which she often falls into depression. Engaged in real estate to discourage thoughts of loneliness. He is envious of the girls in his class because they are still young and can arrange their personal lives more successfully than Yuri. Because of this, he often gets angry when the students in the class doubt themselves.

Other Interesting Facts About Toradora:

What is Toradora about?

The main character is a little girl with a fierce temperament named Taïga. She’s about six feet tall and starts hitting anyone at any time. Everyone is afraid of her because of her bad temper. She is insecure about her underdeveloped body and whenever she gets angry, she just speaks the truth, very frankly. She’s cute, which is why many men asked her out, but she all refuses, including Takasu (whom she will soon become friends with). Later, Takasu helps him find his crush, Yuusaku who is one of the popular kids at school, and Takasu’s best friend.

Review of Toradora:

According to IMDb, they gave Toradora 8 out of 10 and 8.3 out of 10. We have also collected a handful of reviews on this drama which you can agree with or disagree:

Here are some reactions to this animated drama:

  • “It’s your typical ‘Will They Won’t They’ for the majority of episodes, and by ‘They’ I mean everyone. It’s not a love triangle, it’s a circle of love, and that’s probably one of the things that makes Toradora! so entertaining and fun to watch. “
  • “This is the perfect anime for lovers of character development and drama. easy for anyone to take, but impossible to put down. The music is nothing short of a masterpiece, the openings and endings of each season are equally great. Even to this day, I will continue to listen to it and think back to the moments on the show. “

Who wrote Toradora?

Toradora! is a series of light novels created by Yuyuko Takemiya and illustrated by Yasu. In Japan, the first volume was released on March 10, 2006. The series has been adapted into a manga by Zekkyō since 2007 and then into anime released on October 2, 2008.

The title Toradora is taken from the names of the 2 main characters:

Taiga Aisaka and Ryūji Takasu make the word: Toradora

Taiga’s name is the equivalent of “tiger” in English and gives “Tora” in Japanese, while the first part of Ryūji’s name, “ryū” means “dragon”, or ” Doragon” in Japanese transcription of the English term. The title Toradora! is simply the combination of the two terms.

As we know, Ryuuji Takasu is a Japanese student who has just entered the second year of high school and who lives alone with his mother. He would like to be just an ordinary student, but he has one flaw: his intimidating eyes. Because of his sinister demeanor, stupid rumors keep circulating about him, including the fact that he would hit anyone who dared to push him and that he was ready to kill, despite being a most sensitive young man. recommendable.

Because of this, he has great difficulty making friends; the heaviest thing to bear is the absence of a romantic relationship. Luckily, he is in the same class as his best friend Yūsaku Kitamura and his crush, the pretty Minori Kushieda. Short-lived joy since he will literally run into the local tsundere, Taiga Aisaka (nicknamed the pocket tiger because of his small size and aggressiveness). He will notably discover that Taiga is in love with his best friend Yusaku. It is then the beginning of a tough relationship between these two who will take advantage of him and make him his housekeeper and incidentally a punching bag, but who keeps him close to him in order to get closer to Kitamura, while Ryuji hopes to do the same with the energetic and no less strange Kushieda.

In conclusion, we are all very excited to see what Toradora season 2 might bring us.

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