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Top 15 Hot Redheads of All Time

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Men can be really fetish for anything and everything and that includes hair as well. Some find blondes sexy while others get turned by curls. And then there is another section that finds redheads extremely beautiful and attractive. In case, you happen to be one such man, then you are at the right place. Even if you are a woman, you can go through the list just to get an idea of how to go for red hair.

Actually, talking about fashion, then we can say there is no fashion trend that will remain permanent. Every year, you will see some of the trends that come and go. Starting from hairstyle to wardrobe, people always like to experiment with the looks. If you are willing to change your look or update it, then changing your hair color can do that actually. Yes! Giving your hair a new color will turn you into a new person and redheads are quite popular and favorite among most social media influencers as well as celebrities.

However, redheads are very unique as only 2% or so people in the world are natural redheads. Anyway, you can always color your hair RED. Here is a list of the top 15 hot redheads of all time.

Top 15 Hot Redheads of All Time

1. Emma Stone

Emma Stone made her debut in the teen comedy Superbad which was her feature film as a debutant. And that got her career a nice kick-start and from then there is no looking back. What an amazing career she has and Stone is only 26 years old. She holds a charismatic and funny nature- basically a mixture of goofy and gorgeous.

Stone played with several hair colors but red is her best choice when it comes to hair colors. In fact, she should be the blueprint of what women and men seek in a partner.

2. Jessica Chastain

Speaking about hot redheads, we can’t afford to miss out on the name Jessica Chastain. She is an award-winning actress who literally has undertaken an emotionally charged role in a very popular movie- “Zero Dark Thirty”. The role she has played paid her off pretty well as her stock would see a significant rise along with her success with the film.

She is actually a unique kind of beautiful with a smile that can literally light up even the darkest alley. Moreover, it is actually the double-edged sword of the beautiful woman.

3. Christina Hendricks

Have you watched Mad Men that was actually an AMC television series? Well! If not yet, you must now. The series is centered around the exploits of executives in the 1960s. In fact, the show was highly popular and we found that the youth movement of the 60’s to be more exciting than its misogynistic corporate counterpart.

On the other hand, this series actually helped Christina Hendricks to propel into the limelight. And this gorgeous beauty has a voluptuous redhead with curves everywhere along with a pretty face. Basically, her natural hair color is blonde but somehow she feels red more attractive so she became a redhead.

4. Amy Adams

If you are looking for the best redheads, then you can’t miss out on Amy Adams. She is the kind of woman whom you would love to bring home to your Mom. In fact, there is nothing specifically outrageous regarding Amy which we suppose is a good thing? Well! Adams is a mother, wife, as well as a super fine actress with noble living.

She is an electric babe- a mixture of humble kind of beauty and elegance that every man seeks in dive bars far-and-wide just to wake up the next morning more amazing than beautiful.

5. Lindsay Lohan

If you know Lindsay Lohan, then you should know about her story. Well! The story of Lindsay Lohan and her deranged affairs is basically a tale of family dysfunction, much scrutiny, excessive party-mode-mayhem, and sexual ambiguity. Lindsay has been through the wringer, however, is pretty much alive to talk about the trip.

Lohan might have fallen far from grace but she is without any doubt an interesting figure who would make for an amazing party guest. The times that could be had with the likes of Lindsay Lohan could easily become legendary. She grew up in the spotlight and that was tough. In fact, at certain points, there is nowhere else to turn. Drugs and Drinks become your only allies.

6. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore having sex on the desk right there with Mark Wahlberg in the movie named “Boogie Nights”. Yes! We all are pretty much aware of the scene. She is perfect with red hair, light skin, green eyes, rapid gyrations, and shoulder freckles. And all of these are perfect to turn any situation into a steamy situation.

Julianne Moore is not only every talented actress but she is a great vocal activist. In fact, at times she is a little too liberal and along with that, she is a children’s author. Along with her good looks and perfect talent, she is the ideal woman-  as long as you’re not a gun-totting, illiterate right-winger.

7. Nicola Roberts

Have you watched Popstars: The Rivals? It is basically a British-based television talent show just like any other American-based talent show. This actually glorifies the singing contest among all other wannabe popstars. While she hasn’t emerged as the victor, Nicola Roberts along with the other four contestants- all the would-be placed into a pop group known as Girls Aloud.

There is nothing special to talk about Girls Aloud. Typical pop group stuff and they sing, dance, maintain their gimmick. During the period when Girls Aloud was disbanded, she branched out on her own in hopes of solo success. It seems like Nicola Roberts is pretty high maintenance, prone to complaints. But, this won’t matter a lot for the top-notch hotness of this pale redhead popstar.

8. Angie Everhart

Do you think anyone notices which Victoria’s Secret item Miranda Kerr is wearing while walking a runway? Did you see Kate Moss ever selling anybody anything from Calvin Klein? No right! Well! The model means nothing and is only a mere figment of the male imagination. Angie Everhart is no exception in that case.

Back in the ’90s, Angie was one of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit girls and men would ogle over whilst flipping through several pages and daydreaming about someone they can never have. She was also posed for Playboy and will remain as the hot and fiery redhead till today even after professional uselessness.

9. Lauren Ambrose

Six Feet Under was an amazing television series aired on HBO. The series dealt strongly with the concept of death and on the other hand, maintained overtones of the family drama along with the other common issues. But the presence of death was pretty much apparent and that actually have contributed to the success.

And one of the stars of this super amazing dark series was a woman named Lauren Ambrose. She basically played the role of Claire Fisher- sometimes disheveled other times elegant looking redheaded beauty with a passion for art, hidden soft side, and need for rebellion.

10. Gillian Anderson

Are you aware of Gillian Anderson? If that name doesn’t ring a bell, then the name Dana Scully will surely ring the bell. Isn’t it? Well! Gillian Anderson played the role of everyone’s favorite Special Agent on the long-running program, The X-Files. She made the pant suit attire look so good while attempting to debunk all the cases of the paranormal phenomena as well as the alien activity.

With the return of the series “The X-Files” in early 2016, fans of the entire series were sure to be salivating at the thought of Anderson back in that sexy traditional attire.

11. Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan got the limelight due to her keen involvement in the Americal Pie franchise. In recent years, she played a starring role in the CBS hit comedy- How I Meet Your Mother. Alyson has a knack for playing the pseudo-sexual parts.

As a result, when a fake sex tape of Alyson Hannigan began making the rounds, you couldn’t help but check the thing out yourself. Why? No, not to find whether it is really Alyson Hannigan but to see and compare the exploits of the tape with all the band camp stories that are there. She sets the perfect example of being a redhead.

12. Ellie Kemper

Life is big, boring, meaningless, waste of energy as well as time. Well! The eternal optimists of this world should rethink their delusion. Pessimism will not place anybody on the pedestal. I will not have the positive energy if my fridge is full of beer, my heart is feeling bitter, and I am prepared very much to watch my favorite team lose yet again.

As a result, laughter is a very important part of this absurdity. Laughing will provide you brief moments of escape from all those unwanted and pathetic realities that we face each day. Hence, find a woman who can make you laugh and fill your empty life with goodness. There are so many beautiful women who are funny but as we are talking about redheads, Ellie Kemper- star of The Office and Bridesmaids is amazing. She is quirky, cute, and a barrel of laughs.

13. Florence Welch

Almost everyone out there is aware of the redheaded rocker named Florence Welch. Well! She serves as one of the lead vocalists for the indie-rock group Florence + the Machine. This English-born singer comes with a voice that will haunt and harm the soul in such a way that many others in the same modern music industry will not be able to accomplish.

Rock-and-Roll is dead but sometimes the rigor mortis loosens just enough to provide one last gasp and hope for life. However, the indie-rock group will not resuscitate the geriatric genre and will surely let you enjoy the sounds the spew out of Welch in the primary process.

14. Kate Mara

In the slimy scene of Hollywood, Kate Mara was doing all good for herself. She has starred in the hit series- House of Cards and is all set to play the role of Susan Storm or Invisible Woman in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. In fact, the expectation is that it will draw huge numbers at the box office.

The foreseeable future seems bright for this 32 years old actress. She came across the screen as not only elegant and sophisticated but sexy that trumps stupid and sluty any day of the month. While there are men preferring the latter, some of the intelligent men will surely opt for the former.

15. Nicole Kidman

There is something really annoying about Nicole Kidman. However, I couldn’t find it out till today. I have no idea but then there is something about this actress that can make a man want to let out an angry scream or sigh, but I digress anyhow. Maybe it is something related to her husband, Keith Urban. Being an avid fan of country music, it is pretty frustrating to hear Urban’s pretty-boy sound.

While channel-surfing and coming across his face on American Idol, I can’t help but shutter. And maybe that’s where Nicole Kidman fits in: Annoyance by Association. But until I find the reason behind not liking her, I have no problem in accepting that Nicole Kidman is one of the hottest redhead women.


So these are the top 15 hot redheads of all time that you can any day check out. If you are a woman, you can take inspiration from and have an idea of how to flaunt your redhead. And if you have any other name in mind, then you can comment it down below. We would love to check out the beautiful and hot redheads.

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