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Top 15 Best Dark Movies to Watch Now

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Curiosity is one of the primary reasons why our race passes by plenty of unsavory experiences. In fact, it will drive you to certain things your saner self won’t have done and sometimes, it may disrupt your upward life trajectory. And with that happening in our daily lives, no wonder we embrace movies that are of mostly unexplored, unquenchable, and unforgiving genres.

So, if you are one of them, then don’t worry, we have something for you all that is going to get your attraction. Yes! Here is the list of the top 15 dark movies of all that time you need to watch right now or at least once. Without making any delays, let’s start with the article right now.

Top 15 Best Dark Movies to Watch Now

1. Requiem For A Dream (2000)

Well! I think you know this would be coming to you once you have clicked on this article. Didn’t you? Oh yes! The movie called “Requiem For A Dream” was released in the year 2000 and was a huge hit. This is one of the best dark movies that you must watch without any delay. The movie shows the tragic dissent of hopeful Brooklyn residents.

Yes! The residents of Brooklyn were into drug addiction, psychosis, as well as prostitution. This Darren Aronofsky marvel will have you look at your occasional emotional outbursts in a new, scary light. You must watch this dark movie as it shatters the happy memories that you have associated with the movie being a kid.

2. The Elephant Man (1980)

Another movie that is a must-watch when you are looking to watch a dark movie is none other than the movie called “The Elephant Man”. Either you have already seen the movie or you have heard about someone or the other talking about the movie and you cannot just avoid it.

The movie shows a devastating true story of a ‘circus freak in Victorian England with a deformed head. And it will turn into a caricature and is supposed by the ‘normal’ audience. Watch it to see David Lynch’s way of saying “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”.

3. Irreversible (2002)

Irreversible is yet another amazing dark movie that you should watch when you are in a state of mind to watch something like this. The movie was released in the year 2002 and is unlike any other movie on this list. You will see that the movie is told in reverse chronological order and Gaspar Noe’s signature hallucinatory camera work made the film very much difficult to process.

Are you a perennially happy person? If yes, your fundamentals will be challenged by the most brutal rape scene if you are talking about cinema history which is of around ten long minutes. You must watch this movie because this one is not like any other dark movie that you have ever watched in your life.

4. Dancer In The Dark (2000)

The movie named “Dancer In The Dark” was released in the year 2000 and nothing means nothing I repeat can prepare anybody to write about this dark movie. Yes! Nothing can in fact prepare you to watch this movie. Well! The movie talks about a Czech who is basically an immigrant single mother who is becoming blind. And that has prevented her son from her illness. She finds solace in her singing but her solace is then was in a threat as she finds out that she is the subject of immigrant persecution.

The movie is directed by Lars Von Trier who has that reputation of carrying inhospitable themes in all his movies. But, Dancer In The Dark is the most inhospitable among all of them.

5. Passion Of The Christ (2004)

Passion Of The Christ is a movie that you should watch for God’s sake and there is no pun intended. Absolutely NO pun! It is one of those rare things that Mel Gibson got right in his entire life. And one day, Jesus of Nazareth got up from the last supper and then walked into the last 12 hours of his entire life. Humanly inhumane and devastatingly depressing, this makes for one of the most suffering inflicted on one person in a movie.

However, you certainly don’t need to be a Christian to be affected by this film. All you need is to able to feel things in general.

6. Lilya 4-ever (2002)

If jumping off the bridge can become one of the happiest things in a film, then it becomes a little bit difficult to speculate on the sad bits. The movie Lilya 4-ever was released in the year 2002 and revolves around a poverty-stricken teenager named Lilya. She lives in the humiliations of her aunt right after her own mother abandons her and then moves to the US.

After that, reluctantly, Lilya the poor girl found herself involved in the dark world of prostitution. And then she eventually finds an escape route to Sweden. However, she was then imprisoned and raped in a home shelter. If you are looking for a movie that is sad and displeasing too, then the movie named Lilya 4-ever is as good (worse) as it gets.

7. The Seventh Continent (1989)

If you are a first-time watcher of this movie named “The Seventh Continent”, then the less we talk about the plot of the movie, the better it is. Well! All I can say about this movie is that it talks about a regular family doing all regular things until you find out what they are doing in reality. The film will give you that slow grips you and by the end of the movie, you will be devastated and you will surely be emotionally exhausted for several days to come.

You should watch the movie as it shows the simple setting of a middle-class family. This makes it as relatable as the climax makes it pretty much unbelievable.

8. 12 Years A Slave (2013)

I think there is a pretty good chance that you have already watched the movie “12 Years A Slave”. It was released in the year 2013 and was an Oscar-winning movie. Just think that what will happen if you are abducted all of a sudden from your life and then made to be someone’s slave for around 12 years.

This movie powerfully depicts the horrors of belonging to a ‘different skin’ while on the other shows how challenging your perspective of ownership: immaterial or material. Watch this movie because it has deserved the position to win the Oscar.

9. Antichrist (2009)

Do you really think it will be a list of the top darkest movies without a bit of Lars Von Trier? Yes! Lars Von Trier, the mad scientist of Avant Grade cinema. The movie in fact starts with something pretty unexpected. And by that I mean it starts with He and She having artless sex and that somehow or the other leads to the death of their toddler.

Right from there, things went bad to worse and the genitals come in contact with a pair of scissors. You should watch it as it is one of the best dark movies ever produced. Nearly four people fainted during the whole screening of the movie and later the director was deemed as “going mad”.

10. Grave Of The Fireflies (1988)

If you are talking about watching one of the best dark movies in the film industry, then you can’t just miss out on watching the movie called Grave of the Fireflies. This movie was released in the year 1988 and is one of the most depressing animated movies ever made. Right from the starting point, the plot will take devastating turns and you will see yourself praying to undo what that movie did.

The movie is set against the backdrop of World War 2 and the movie starts with the death of a boy who is starved until death. And he was united with the spirit of his younger sister who revisits the last few months of the war. You should watch this movie as it shows one of the toughest testaments against the war and is one that will leave you shaking in tears every time.

11. Prisoners (2013)

The movie “Prisoners” is a great dark movie to watch in case you feel to watch one. It was released in the year 2013 and was pretty successful in the Box Office. This movie is as sad as it is emotionally exhausting. Believe me, the movie falls under those movies after watching which you would incessantly need to look at videos of cat for hours or longer.

The movie shows a man’s daughter of six years old along with her friend are abducted from the front of their home and then he goes to great heights to find them. He was unable to find his daughter and hence his was dissent to helplessness which was pretty much heartbreaking. You should watch the movie for the climax it offers.

12. They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969)

If you want to watch a dark movie for a change, then you must watch the movie called “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”. This movie was released in the year 1969 and was a huge hit. The movie is set in the great depression and journeys through some of the desperate lives of the impoverished. However, the contrast of fate got them all together in a dance marathon. And in that marathon, the winner will get $1,500.

At the beginning of the dance show, the MC who was pretty manipulative uses the contestants as bait to put up a show. As a result, the dancers got humiliated and exploited and one of them died due to a heart attack. You should watch this movie as it shows the sheer desperation of the human spirit just to survive and embrace loss as an answer.

13. Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Right after being fired from the job, lover-less, friendless Ben went to Las Vegas to drink himself to death. And he wants to end up paying a hooker, Sera, to talk to him. The movie Leaving Las Vegas was released in the year 1995 is one of the best dark movies to watch. His dissent from loneliness into annihilation is extremely relatable and that is what makes him much more depressing. And for the viewing experience, Sera’s gang rape was pretty disturbing.

You should watch this movie without much doubt. The writer of the book and the movie is based on John O’Brien who committed suicide two days into the production of the film.

14. Precious (2009)

Precious is yet another dark movie to watch if you are done with the rom-com movies. It is about a harrowing tale of Precious Jones who is a 16 years old obese teenager. She was raped by her own father on a daily basis and was brutally, mentally, and physically abused by her mother. The horrifying thing is that Jones has an incestuous child by her own father.

In fact, before you even come to terms with any of this, Precious is pregnant for the second time by her father and that leads to her expulsion from her school. While Precious runs away from her family, then she was able to find out that her father was HIV positive and so is she. This movie has won two Academy Awards and is based on real events which make the movie more horrifying.

15. The Dark Knight (2008)

Last but not least, if you are wishing to watch a dark movie, then you must watch the movie called “The Dark Knight”. It was released in the year 2008 and was a huge hit by then. This is the second of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies is very dark and won Heath Ledger a posthumous Academy Award for his super amazing roles as the Joker.

So these are the top 15 best dark movies to watch right now. What are you waiting for? Go and watch these super depressing and dark movies and let us know which one did you liked the most and found the most depressing and sad.

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