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Things That Make Perry Mattfeld Different From Other Hollywood Actresses

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Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld, born March 29th, 1994 is an American actress. She is best known for her leading role as Murphy Mason in the CW crime comedy-drama In the Dark and her roles as Mel on Shameless and Franken Girl in Wizards of Waverly Place. Mattfeld was born to a Mexican mother who worked in the entertainment industry with all four grandparents being entertainers themselves. Growing up she spent most of the time residing in Long Beach California before moving to Los Angeles County where she currently resides today.

Mattfeld’s career began as a ballet dancer from the age of five and studied for nine years under Debbie Allen. At 12, she was working for Mattel when she played Kirsten Larson in American Girl Dolls musical theatre troupe. Following encouragement by Allen to “diversify her dancing” led to transitioning into acting. Perry Mattfeld was part of the USC cheerleading team and became Cheerleader of the Week at Sports Illustrated magazine.

Perry Mattfeld was in the Cheerleading Team

Although Perry Mattfeld may not look like a typical cheerleader, she was indeed part of the University of Southern California’s cheerleading team. In addition to being featured in Sports Illustrated as the Cheerleader of the Week, she has been in the cheerleader team while studying in the University.

Perry Mattfeld’s career began as a ballet dancer and not as an actor

When she was just 5 years old, Perry Mattfeld had already started her career in dance. Her goal from the beginning was to get into show business and that is exactly what she accomplished with a start at acting. However, it wasn’t as a presenter or actress but rather as a ballet dancer! She studied Ballet for many years until later on when introduced to other dance forms which helped her land her first job at Ms Allen’s World Premiere aka “Alex in Wonderland.” Her excellent skills landed her a job at Grove Theatre in Los Angeles where she’s since appeared in more than 164 stage shows.

Perry Mattfeld was into the modelling business

Perry has a range of talents. She can dance, act, and even model! Since it took her some time to establish herself at the beginning of her career as an artist, she took up modelling as a side hustle. However, since modelling was always considered just a side gig for Perry by everyone else but not by Perry herself (because what’s life without any challenges?), she is currently focused on other things like acting and dancing that make use of all her skills.

Perry Mattfeld is been assumed blind by many viewers for the ‘In the Dark’ series

In the Dark TV series, Perry Mattfeld, a famous artist, has been mistakenly assumed blind by many viewers. However, this assumption is incorrect since she only acted as Murphy Mason on the show and it was her popularity that made people think so. She had to study with Laurie Bernstein who played a consultant of blindness for the show and also learned from his dog guide techniques like using white canes or tapping their toes around obstacles when they are out in public places. Although her character was snarky and addicted with compulsive behavior—requiring a guide dog just to move around–Mattfeld doesn’t have any addiction or compulsive behaviors at all.

Perry Mattfeld’s father is a Lawyer

Perry Mattfeld is the daughter of a lawyer. At the start of his career, Kenneth Mattfeld was part of many different firms in Los Angeles County. His JD degree came from Loyola Law School before being promoted to the deputy city attorney.

Perry Mattfeld is well-educated

It is not a surprise to know that she is well educated too because of her father’s belief in education. She went to Southern California University which happens to be one of the best schools in the US. Later on, she got her degree from LA Polytechnic Institute with decent grades for Bachelor of Arts Film Theory.

Perry Mattfeld Is Bilingual

One of the things that makes Perry Mattfeld a remarkable actress is her fluency in French and English. She has an educational background, so it’s not surprising she knows multiple languages. Aside from being fluent in two languages, there are other interesting facts about how talented this woman is- like the fact that she can dance!

Perry Mattfeld is an Ariens

Perry Mattfeld was born under the Aries sign on March 29, 1994. Arians are typically fierce, upfront and enthusiastic and can be a bit hot-headed at times but are loyal friends to those they care about. They also tend to be passionate and vigorous like Perry has shown us through her persona too (and we love it).

Perry Mattfeld love life

Perry Mattfeld is a stunning actress whom many people would wish to date. Nonetheless, she is in a long-term relationship with Andrew Wright. Andrew was a baseball pitcher and played for the Cincinnati Reds. At present, he works for a betting company named TVG.

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