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Taynara Conti- News, Biography, Rumors

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On July 9, 1995, Taynara Conti, or Taynara Melo de Carvalho, was born in Brazil. She has a deal with AEW as a professional wrestler from Brazil. Additionally, she collaborates with Anna Jay under the ring moniker Tay Conti.

WWE (2016-2020)

Conti was sent to NXT after signing her contract with WWE in 2016 and made her professional wrestling debut in 2017. She competed in the first Mae Young Classic but was defeated in the championship match. Later, Conti participated in the Mae Young Classic again in 2018, but she was defeated in the second round this time. She was dissatisfied with how the management used her talents and skills in NXT, and she even went public to vent her anger at the administration. After the pandemic hit the world at the start of 2020, Conti was fired by the WWE due to alleged budget cuts. Rumors, however, tell a different tale. It was reported that Conti was fired because of financial problems between her and the business.

AEW (2020 – present)

After leaving WWE, Conti obtained a deal with AEW in 2020, and she is currently a part of that organization. She was initially performing on the Dark and Elevation platforms alongside Anna Jay. Conti and Anna, also known as TayJay, continued to compete in the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw. Still, they were eliminated in the semifinal round and could not claim victory. Despite playing in championship matches during her AEW career, she could not take the trophy. Tay competed against Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship, but she lost again.

With widespread publicity, Taynara Conti’s professional career was marred by numerous rumors. During Conti’s time at WWE, there were numerous rumours about her departure, especially when the news broke.

When Vince McMahon stated in 2020 that the company would be making significant talent cuts from its pool, everyone was astonished. Then, due to financial difficulties, NXT also decided to remove specific well-known names from their organization. However, Conti and speculation have long been associated, even after her release and subsequent returns to WWE. Later, however, it was established that she had been formally dismissed from the WWE league.

She even overheard people discussing her absence from the social networking platform at one point in her career. It would help if you realized that Conti has a more extensive social media fan base than most of her competitors, including well-known and famous stars. Later, Conti appeared online and addressed untrue reports about her disappearance.

In a statement, Conti says that she had to take a break because she had been reading some needless comments. In addition, Conti asserted that no one has the right to pry into her private affairs or harass her for something that was not her fault. Conti also stated that she is content with who she is and now enjoys what she is doing.

Publicity and Fan Following

For her friends and fans on social media, Conti has always been a social media star. She has consistently wowed people with her online presence by posting various images and blog posts. Conti was pictured standing with just her pants in one of her pictures, and it was said that she always appeared lovely.

Conti has a history of posting and tweeting for her fans after matches, regardless of the outcome. She was spotted saying in one of her tweets that she would strive harder to win the next game despite being upset and disappointed that she could not win today. Conti even thanked her followers on social media for their support and helped her reach 500K. She has consistently delighted and made her followers and supporters happy with her beachwear and swimwear photos.

Dating Rumours with Sammy Guevara

There was speculation that Conti was dating her ring partner, Sammy Guevara, after she and her husband, Jorge Conti, divorced. In his YouTube vlog, Guevara requested Tay Conti, his ring partner, to weigh in on the relationship allegations. When Sammy wheeled his camera towards Conti and asked her to react to rumors about them dating and their personal lives, she was seen talking to her fellow AEW members in an empty arena after one of their matches in Orlando, Florida.

Everyone in the room laughed when Tay responded to this. Tay rolled her eyes and said, “Really?” as she motioned for Sammy to pan the camera up and down to her. Conti meant to imply that Sammy was out of her league through her behavior. Sammy and Pam had been together for a while and were engaged. However, those speculations were later shown to be accurate when they astonished everyone by announcing their engagement in April 2022 and declaring their relationship open. They married in Florida before their friends and family later that August.

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