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Richard Williams: 5 Things To Know About Serena & Venus’ Father

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Behind that tennis skill curtain lies a man by the name of Richard Williams. Venus and Serena Williams’ father not only introduced them to tennis but also coached their daughters early in their careers, guiding them with their debut Grand Slam championships.

Williams has not just stood by quietly as his daughters have dominated on the court, either. The exact opposite. Now that Serena is vying for yet another Wimbledon championship, nearly half a century after the Williams sisters initially made their worldwide debut, Richard is returning to the limelight as one of the most divisive people in sports. What you should know about the previous coach is as follows:

Williams is a native of Louisiana

On February 14, 1942, Richard Williams was raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. My family and I resided in a three-room shanty on East 79th Street, close to the train lines, in Shreveport. Richard stated in an excerpt from his book Black and White: Exactly Way We See It, which was released by most of the New York Daily in 2014, that the home was so run-down that a strong wind might have easily blown it over. Julia & her five children were abandoned to fend for themselves by Richard’s father. He stated He determined He was going to have to give his family all they had because his father never provided anything to him. The harder you performed, the more someone benefited Mama & his sisters and made them proud of the person he is now. He ultimately arrived in California after finishing high school.

He has had several marriages

Richard encountered Betty Johnson in California when he was travelling. Betty had a child from a previous relationship, and she and Richard had five kids together after being married in 1965. They split up in 1973. He wed Oracene Prince after seven years. Before getting divorced in 2002, she & Richard had 2 biological kids together, Venus and Serena. Richard wedded Lakeisha Juanita Graham in 2010, who was 37 years his junior. Dylan was born in 2012, and they were divorced in 2017.

Tennis Experience 

Richard determined that his first two children would play tennis after witnessing Virginia Ruzici earn a $30,000 payment after winning a tennis match on television, .according to sports Illustrations. We started playing tennis to go out and win a great deal of money. We have made a tonne, and I’ll make, even more, I assure you. According to the 2018 Serena article in GQ, he acquired books & tapes to study everything there was to know about the sport, trained Oracene, a superb athlete, how to play, and started coaching the 3 girls of his first marriage. He started Venus and Serena playing on the courts in Compton, California, when they were 3 and 4 years old. Additionally, Richard created a 78-page training program. Richard relocated the family to South Florida as Venus & Serena grew up so that they could practice at Rick Macci’s tennis program. Serena was 10 and Venus was 11. In the end, Richard took the girls out of school and conducted all of the training himself at home. Venus and Serena arrived on the scene and immediately started racking up victories, proving that the risk paid off.

He gained notoriety for yelling and dancing during his Venus’ Grand Slam victory in 2000 

Williams has occasionally generated controversy in the tennis community. After Venus won her maiden Grand Slam championship at Wimbledon in 2000, Richard started jumping around and shouting, “Straight Outta Compton!” He also danced on top of a television booth while holding a sign that said, It’s Venus’ Party & Nobody Else Was Invited. When Richard began instructing his kids in tennis, he had next to no experience with the game. NBC Sports quotes Serena as stating, It all began with a notion about that. He understood the idea. Sports have been impacted. History has been impacted.

He was the first individual to be recognized in the American Tennis Association’s Hall of Fame

Richard was the first individual honoured with a Hall of Fame berth by the American Tennis Association in August 2017. These remarkable women have journeyed beyond the stars owing to their implanted dedication & training while breaking many obstacles along the way, according to a statement from Dr Franklyn Scott, president of the ATA Education Foundation. We would want to recognize Richard Williams as our inaugural Hall of Famer because of his importance to Venus and Serena’s physical brilliance and academic acumen.


Today marks Serena’s twenty-fourth Grand Slam match, and if she wins, she will have surpassed Margaret Court’s record with 24 major triumphs in a career. Serena’s biggest fan Richard will undoubtedly be pulling for her even though she competes for the championship.

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