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Latest Fashion to Consider this Summer

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Summer is nearly here. The nights are getting warmer and the days longer which is why new fashion to follow is just around the corner. While you could still be wearing jumpers and light cardigans at the moment do not fear, fun in the sun is nearly here. With all that in mind, it is good that we are going to let you know of all the latest trends about to hit the spring/summer season. The high streets are going to be including all of the below options on the rails, but be quick. They won’t be there forever.

Hot Pink 

Your summer wardrobe will look and feel fresher with highlighter hues in 2022. If lime green isn’t your gateway neon color, what about hot pink? Fashion this season is dominated by Barbie-toned power dressing. If you’re in need of beachwear and wardrobe ideas, or extra outfits, you’ve come to the right place.

Mini Skirts 

Our eyes have been glued to the runway for a while now, but it’s safe to say we’re kinda down to see them again. While Miu Miu’s utility style has taken the fashion world by storm, minis have also become the latest trend in high-waisted skirt suits, athleisure-inspired looks, and out-and-about attire. 

Lime Green 

Fashion month would be quite the experience for the Grinch if he were front row. Why? 

Well, lime green is pretty much everywhere right now. Acid hues are no longer reserved only for Y2K tributes: they’ve now merged with fancy party dresses and elevated summery looks.


I feel like I’m making cutout pieces every day, or at least that’s the way it feels right now. There’s a current trend for negative space, and celebrities are loving it. It’s no surprise that cutouts are returning to the runway after the spring/summer 2021 run, but this year, they are even bolder. Cutouts come in all sizes and shapes, meaning there’s a style for everyone interested in trying the trend, whether you want to give a fun edge to long, elegant dresses or amp up the fierceness on minis and one-pieces. We have selected our editors’ picks for the best cutout dresses this season.

Statement Suit Trousers 

Is there anything better than a trouser suit? Well of course it’s a trouser suit in a statement color. The oversized 80s staple has been given a new lease on life, looking more vibrant than ever this spring/summer. Add padded shoulders, even wider set trousers, and a color palette more striking than you’ve ever gone before. This piece will do some heavy lifting in your office wardrobe and you will be thankful for it.

Pastel Yellow

If you’re more of a lover of warmer tones like pastels and saturated hues we have got the spring/summer outfits for you. 2022 is bringing softer pastel tones to your wardrobe. No matter the style you will look great following this color choice. Crop-tops, maxi dresses, lightweight overcoats, and much more.

Wearing Bras as Outer Layers 

Wearing lingerie as your outerwear has always been a statement piece, but the trend is going even further this summer. All of those fashion braves out there may even ditch the shirt completely. Crop tops and triangle-shaped bras look great under longer jackets and coats and can be great if the temperature drops suddenly on those sunny days.


Looped details made their way onto the runways this spring/summer, as well as criss-cross details. The halterneck top, the dress, or even the catsuit screams beach vacation to me. The worthy tans are here and we love it.


Flicky dresses and skirts are amazing this season so why not go all out for a full fringe. Slinky strands and super shimmer are the best for evenings, while daytime wear is suited to a slightly thicker fringe.


Low-rise bottoms are back on the scene thanks to the noughties. Many of us swear never to go back to under-the-belly-button waistlines since they aren’t to everyone’s taste. The details in this dress nod to the runway if you’re feeling adventurous. Opt for a matching midriff set or maybe mix and match for a more adventurous vibe.

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