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Kakegurui Season 3 Is Not Happening! Here’s Why!

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Fans have taken to Twitter since 2019 to express their desire for Kakegurui Season 3. Demand exists! But just because there’s an audience it doesn’t always translate to timing or the production despite having enough source material to make the third season! 

3 Reasons Why Kakegurui Season 3 Is Not Coming Back

1. There Was Never A Release Date Of Kakegurui Season 3 

Unfortunately, there has been no official news available for the release date of the Kakegurui either by Netflix or Japanese animation studio MAPPA. 

Even though Kakegurui found its place on Netflix, it does not necessarily mean that Netflix gets a major say. Apart from Japan, even though Netflix has licensing rights, it does not hold the renewal rights to the series.  Ultimately, it will be the decision of Japanese animation studio MAPPA and the Japanese networks if they are willing to go forward with the series or not. 

It should also be noted that if there were any plans to make Kakegurui Season 3, it would have been interrupted by the current COVID-19 situation. 

Kakegurui Season 3 also won’t happen as the production of this show will unlikely be completely shut down because of Covid. Many predicted that the new season of the Japanese manga series would have premiered in 2021 but that’s just not true. 

2. There Are No Trailers Available For The Third Season

At the time of writing, Kakegurui has not been renewed for a third season by either Japanese animation studio MAPPA, Netflix or the series’ Japanese networks.

Kakegurui Season 3 also won’t happen as there has been no news of the renewal for a third season. There has been no indication of a Kakegurui Season 3 trailer. 

3. There Are No Spoilers Or A Teaser

No spoiler for the third season of the Japanese manga series is available as of now since the third season has not even been confirmed. 

Since the finale of season 2, there has been no indication of Kakegurui Season 3.

Other FAQs:

Are There Any English-Dubbed Episodes Available For The Series?

The popularity of the Japanese manga series has been aided by the Netflix release, bringing the show to a new global audience and becoming one of the flagship original anime titles on the platform.

The English-dubbed episodes of Kakegurui season 1 and 2 are available on Netflix, Anime List and Funimation. 

What Is The Primary Story Of Kakegurui?

The plot of Kakegurui is set in a school called Hyakkou Private Academy which is a high-class elite school that is home to the wealthiest children of Japan. But, funnily enough, the hierarchy of the Hyakkou Private Academy is not determined by the academic performance or any other quality, but by the skill of gambling the students have. 

The students in the said school are ranked by the amount of monetary aid they are providing to the student council. 

The children who earn the favor of the gambling committee earn popularity, prestige, and connections. 

The unlucky students who are not so popular fall in debt, become house slaves and tend to the needs of the student body. 

The ‘pets’ who are unable to clear their debts receive ‘life schedules’ and it will dictate their future as these students have to pay back the debt with their life. 

Is There Enough Source Material?

According to Monsters and Critics, volume 15 of the manga will need to be released before  Japanese animation studio MAPPA Co., Ltd can start properly animating the third season – this assuming the series will not deviate from the manga’s storyline.

Final Verdict:

Kakegurui Season 3 most likely will not happen as seen from the source material. The source was another manga series which is still ongoing with volume 13 (totalling 75 chapters) releasing back in June in Japan and likely releasing in English later this year.

If you want to watch something related to this anime, then you can watch the source material it was originally based on as it is highly probable that Kakegurui’s popularity around the world won’t be enough to convince the animation studio to produce another season. 

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