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Jungkook: The Golden Maknae of BTS

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If you are a K-Pop fan, your pulse might be racing with excitement already. Yes, we are going to write about Jungkook, the heartthrob of a singer, songwriter who sets the stage on fire whenever he steps on it. Let’s find out more about him.

Jungkook: All You Need to Know

When was Jungkook born?

Jungkook was born Jeon Jung Kook on September 1st, 1997 in Busan, South Korea. As a kid, Jungkook aspired to be a professional badminton player. But after watching the King of K-Pop G-Dragon perform “Heartbreaker” on TV, he made up his mind to pursue a career as a K-Pop singer.

How did Jungkook get into BTS?

In 2011, despite failed auditions at Season 3 of the talent show Superstar K, Jungkook was approached with casting offers by seven entertainment companies. His future band BTS member RM was already a part of one of these companies, Big Hit Entertainment. An inspiring performance from RM influenced Jungkook to travel to Seoul and join Big Hit Entertainment as a trainee. This was the start of his journey of becoming a K-Pop idol; and the date is so special to him, that he has a police baton with the same date painted on it.

Is Jungkook shy?

From the many tweets, selcas, live streams, cover videos, and golden closet film videos viral all-over social media, it may be hard to imagine that Jungkook was very shy and quiet during his trainee days. When asked to sing, he would shy away and start tearing up. This developed questions and endangered his prospects of making a debut during the monthly company evaluations, as being a trainee did not guarantee his debut. A summer trip to LA in 2012 to take dance lessons from Movement Lifestyle improved his dancing skills and confidence. This landed him backup dancer gigs for artists like Jo Kwon under Big Entertainment. And finally, in 2013, he made his debut at 15 as the youngest member of BTS.

What other talents does Jungkook have?

Apart from being a singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer; the Maknae has many other talents:

  1. Bowling – On various livestreams of the BTS boys indulging in a game of bowling, the proper bowling form and high victory margins left the fans in awe. The reason behind his training to improve his bowling skills is his father. Before bowling was excluded from the Olympics, his father had prepared to be a professional bowler. He was notorious for throwing perfect games and scoring a perfect 300.
  2. Gamer – His gameplay on the game “Overwatch” has grabbed the attention of pro-Overwatch-gamers like OGE, Blizzcon from the Los Angeles Gladiators On the show Knowing Brother. The fans witnessed the pro-gamer playing a game on two computers at once. 
  3. Visual Artist – The Maknae is not only a performing artist, but also a visual artist. His work includes customized sneakers, pencil portraits, painting portraits, tattoo designs, marker drawings, pattern art, photo editing, photography, product design, merchandise art, and the list goes on and on.
  4. Martial Arts – If you have watched the videos of him kickboxing and are wondering if he has trained in martial arts, then the answer is yes. He trained in the martial arts of Taekwondo from a young age like his BTS fellow members and has attained a black belt.
  5. Cooking – His skills at cooking had impressed Chef Baek, who is considered to be the Godfather of Korean Cuisine
  6. Polyglot – He can speak 3 languages, Korean, Japanese and English (basic)
  7. Solo Artist – Apart from making music with the band, Jungkook has also started doing solo projects post 2015.

He is only 23, and is filled with talent. Most of us were still figuring out life at this age, and this guy is at the pinnacle of it. It seems like there is nothing that this guy cannot do. No wonder they refer to him as the Golden Maknae of BTS.

How strong is Jungkook’s marketing influence?

Such is his influence, that any product he is seen using is sold out immediately, this has earned him the title “Sold out king” and the “Boy with Midas Touch”. Let’s find out more 

  1. In January 2019 when he revealed that Downy is the fabric softener he uses, Downy products sold out immediately and also led to a rise in their company stock to 11% in a single day.
  2. During an Instagram live, Jungkook was having a bottle of Merlot March by Umani Vigor Sangiovese. This led the wine company to sell out their products, even though they were not endorsed by the Maknae.
  3. He had recommended the book “I Decided to live as Me” to Kim Soo-Hyun, after which it became a best-seller in Japan & Korea; and was also published in Thailand, China, and Indonesia.
  4. Even the clothes he wears, like the Modern Hanbok outfit, or the Neil Barrett shirt, or the Dreamcatcher’s t-shirt were all sold out immediately.

How is Jungkook’s social media presence?

  1. He holds various records on social media platforms like Twitter, Tik-Tok, YouTube, etc
  2. In 2019, Google announced that he was the most searched male K-pop celebrity.
  3. His solo song ‘My Time’ is the most “shazamed” BTS solo song in South Korea.
  4. His popularity & fandom has no borders. He was ranked first for ten consecutive weeks as the most beloved celebrity in China, as reported by “Hi China” magazine.
  5. Even Indian celebrities like Ayushman Khurana & Disha Patani, have shown their love towards Jungkook’s single ‘Euphoria’ by playing the song on their Instagram live.

Jungkook: Other Achievements and Honours

His achievements have been recognized on social media as well as by professional honorary organizations.

  1. At 22, he became the youngest ever to be ordained with the Order of Cultural Merit by the President of South Korea. This was given to BTS for their outstanding meritorious services in the field of culture and art, and for promoting national culture and art.
  2. He is also the youngest ever recipient of the “Musician of the Year” award at the Korean Music Awards. 

We have witnessed Jungkook blossoming from the awkward and shy trainee transforming into the accomplished, young artist that he is now. A lot of the credit goes to his group members that supported him during his transition.

His solo track “Begin” from the BTS album “wings” narrates his journey to Seoul as a kid to become a K-Pop Idol, the role that the BTS band members played in his grooming & motivation during that journey and his gratitude towards them. This showcases his humility.

Regarding his future plans, Jungkook the Maknae said that he wanted to be the owner of a duck meat restaurant or a tattoo artist in the next ten years. There is nothing that can stop Jungkook from going forward. 

It’s a magical journey that the K-Pop Idol has been living. The future is bright for Jungkook, and the Maknae is bound to continue enthralling his fans throughout his career.

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