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Joe Rogan’s Wife, Jessica Ditzel Relationship History

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The wife of popular podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan, Jessica Ditzel has been a model as well as a former cocktail waitress. The Joe Rogan Experience is the podcast he presently hosts, but she previously served as a UFC analyst. Since Jessica, as well as Rogan, have only been married for some time, they appear to be in a solid marriage. She and her spouses also have two children together. Everything you need to understand about Joe Rogan’s wife Jessica Ditzel’s dating history is provided here.

How did Joe Rogan & Jessica Ditzel first meet? 

when Jessica was a cocktail server in Los Angeles in 2001, Rogan met her there. Soon after, they began dating, and they remained together for 8 years before getting married.

Who did Joe Rogan date before Jessica?

Before any of them received their big successes, Rogan dated the survival star Jerri Manthey around 1997. Manthey has participated in three seasons of Survivor, including All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: The Australian Outback. It’s not clear how they connected, but adultery appears to be the cause of their breakup. Rogan acknowledged cheating on Manthey on The Howard Stern Program during his appearance. They used to fight a lot. He claimed that the reason why they used to fight so badly was that he agreed to have sex to the other girls. He made a mistake, but he eventually came to his senses. And how he managed to set her up with a buddy of his.

Joe met his wife in 2001

Joe Rogan and Jessica Ditzel have a wonderful connection that seems to be written for romantic comedies. However, Joe Rogan’s first encounter with Jessica was in 2001 after he walked into a pub and she catered to his needs. Although they quickly began dating, they have mainly kept their union private. Later, Joe and Jessica began going out while avoiding the media. Jessica Ditzel was at the time working hard to establish a legitimate modeling career. 

The two had been dating for eight years before exchanging vows. 

In general, Joe and Jessica’s eight-year relationship history shows that it takes time for love and a partner to fully understand one another. As indicated above, Jessica initially met Joe in 2001. Joe proposed to Jessica after a month. Both invested a great deal of time and effort into their professions. In 2009, Mr. Rogan wedded Jessica Ditzel in L.a., California. 22 years have passed, and the pair is still maintaining a positive bond with one another. And that’s surprisingly novel in the Hollywood film industry.

One of Jessica’s three kids is with an ex-boyfriend

Jessica’s boyfriend at the time Kevin Dino Connor died in a vehicle accident in 2003. Kevin was a rising musician from the band H-Town, according to his Wikipedia entry. Katja Rose, Joe Rogan’s stepdaughter, was born in 1996. Many searchers want to know if Joe Rogan wed a single mother. To that, I say YES. Joe Rogan wed Jessica in 2009. Kayja Rose, Jessica’s first child with the late musician Dino, was 13 years old at the time.

Kayja is now similarly establishing her musical career as her biological father. She is now a member of the H-Town Band. There isn’t much information available about Joe Rogan’s connection with his stepdaughter Kayja Nichole right now. Furthermore, Jessica and Dino were already divorced when Dino passed away. As a result, nothing is known about how the two split up. However, there have been rumours Dino was having an affair with a different musician in the business. However, nothing has been verified yet.

Joe Rogan, the husband of Jessica Ditzel, has not spoken to his father in seven years. 

The boy of policeman Rogan had been born in Newark, New Jersey, on August 11, 1967. Joe was only five when his parents separated. He kept in touch with his father for the next two years, but even then, he has never experienced fatherly affection. Rogan, a graduate of the University at Massachusetts Boston, was initially very interested in kickboxing. Additionally, in February 1997, he obtained his first employment as backstage and post-fight interviewer with the mixed martial arts organization Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The comic had several opportunities to appear on TV while working with UFC. In 2002, he made an appearance as Chris in an episode of Just Shoot Me. Early in 2009, Rogan began presenting Game Show in My Head, a fleeting CBS program. Rogan’s work in movies comes before his time on television. In the 2011 comedy Zookeeper, he played Gale.

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience, the actor and comedian’s podcast, was launched in December 2009. Joe announced in May 2020 that he had signed a lucrative multi-year licensing deal with Spotify after experiencing great success in the podcasting industry. The contract, according to sources, is for $100 million. On his show, a lot of well-known celebrities appeared.

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