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Jessy Schram: Some Lesser Known Facts About This Talented Actress

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Jessy Schram is one of those ambitious young actresses who aims to form a stellar career, wants the high life it brings, but also wants it for a much more altruistic reason than many might think or realize. Jessy Schram has always said that her goal in life is to help others and use her position in the industry to do so, and so far in her life she has been doing that and has been very successful. It’s too easy to fall into the thought that celebrities decide to go into business just to earn their fortune and then sit back and do nothing for others, but in reality, there are a lot of them that give back to the population in one way or another. Jessy Schram is one of those people and she tries her best to entertain people and help the less fortunate ones at the same time. She is multi-talented, showcasing great skills in both acting and singing. Let’s find some lesser known facts about her.

Jessy Schram: Things You Might Not Know

When was Jessy Schram signed up?

Jessy Schram was signed up by an agency when she was just 10 years old. Even when she was young, she was ambitious and knew what she wanted to do. Does anyone really know at that age? Some obviously do, but most of us were still having fun and kicking off ideas while playing Nintendo. But hey, there is a difference between those who take their time and those who know what course they want to take.

Is Jessy Schram a good singer?

Jessy is not limited to just one career choice as she decided to become a singer/songwriter as well, expanding her talent as much as possible in an attempt to keep pushing herself and advancing her career.

Is Jessy Schram involved with some charities?

This is what separates many celebrities, as there are those who get involved for public relations purposes to increase their image and there are those who are genuinely interested in helping others. Jessy Schram has always shown an interest in helping those who are less privileged than herself. Personal biases are often what keeps people from believing that celebrities really care. 

When did Jessy Schram start her career?

It’s really becoming apparent as the years go by as to who from the era of 2000 will be around in the long run as a result of the hundreds or possibly thousands of potentials that passed through the screening rooms and the hundreds that likely made it to the screen, only a percentage of them begin to show their ability to endure as their careers continue to move upward.

Veronica Mars is the kind of show that a lot of people watched when Kristin Bell was really starting to catch on and became something of a short-lived favorite that didn’t last long once she made her transition to movies. However, it was popular for a time, and it featured Jessy Schram in a small role as well.

Which commercials has Jessy Schram appeared in?

She started off pretty quickly and continued to build her ambition while taking on just about everything she could, willingly filling her plate metaphorically speaking while actually trying to make her reputation work for people to notice. It has obviously worked.

What are some of Jessy Schram’s major roles?

Shot Caller

Jessy Schram played a small role in the acclaimed film, Shot Caller. The film starred Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster Waldau in a fantastic role. This is the closest thing to the worst-case scenario that happens to a guy who runs a red light by accident and ends up getting boned by a truck crossing the intersection. They send him to prison because his friend is killed in the collision, and from then on he has to join a gang or look over his shoulder for the remainder of his sentence. Of course, it doesn’t help when you go in so deep that you can never get out again.

Falling Skies

Have you ever noticed how in any science fiction movie or show that when humans and aliens meet, we are hopelessly outmatched? In Falling Skies, the human race is almost destroyed despite the amount of force it exerts on the aliens. The invading forces generally seem to have some way of sweeping humanity aside like it doesn’t matter. Jessy Schram played the role of fan favourite Karen Nadler in the show.


Many people think that Nashville is a kind of mecca for country music and they might be right, but it is far from perfect. The show gets into a big drama about this and it doesn’t always touch on the reality of the place or the business, but it does get entertaining enough that people actually complained when the show went off the air. This is almost a guaranteed paycheck, it seems that if an actor walks into Hallmark movies as they run all the time and they always come out with new ones that look like or run the ones they have done in the past. At the very least, it’s a good way for actors to notice. Jessy Schram has become very popular for her role on Nashville.

Country at Heart

Jessy Schram starred in the popular TV movie, Country at Heart. The movie’s story follows a country singer who meets a Nashville songwriter. The struggling singer and uninspired songwriter team up to write a song but things get complicated, ending in a hit song, as well as love.

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