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I’m Going To Die Alone: How to Avoid This Situation and Get a Girlfriend

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Is the Forever Alone meme something that defines your life? Are you really interested in getting a girlfriend and not worrying about dying alone anymore? If you believe that you are going to die alone and finding a girlfriend is impossible for you, this post is gladly here to tell you otherwise. With a little help from our side and some work from your end, you will be able to get the girl of your dreams very soon. With our tips, you will be able to get a girlfriend very fast and be able to have a long and fruitful relationship with her. You won’t end up dying alone. Let’s get started.

I’m Going to Die Alone: How to Stop it From Happening?

If you are fed up with being single and concerned about dying alone, these tips are going to solve your issues.

How to prevent yourself from dying alone?

Not so quickly, before knowing how to find a girlfriend, you must spend some time introspecting.

Decide if you are ready to get into a relationship

Before you switch to the “ hand in hand” side, ask yourself why you want to get into a relationship. Is it a little whim, a desire to do like everyone else? Are you the only one of your friends who is single and you can’t stand the candle anymore? Or, on the contrary, do you want to move on, do you feel that it’s time for you to build something together? Be sincere with yourself and do this little situational inventory.

If you find that your desire to find a girlfriend is genuine, then take stock of yourself. Having a girlfriend is not just looking for two free seats side by side, it is also about getting emotionally involved with someone. If you’re looking for a girlfriend just to fill an existential void, or for someone to give you love that you don’t have for yourself, you risk two things.

The first is that you attract someone like you. So, if you’re depressed with self-esteem in your socks, you’ll meet a jaded girl who doesn’t trust herself. The second is that you are going straight towards the dysfunctional couple: without exchanges and without evolution. Remember, “to love someone else, love yourself first “. While it might sound a bit simplistic, the idea is there. Just because you have a girlfriend doesn’t mean you will be a fulfilled and happy person. It’s the other way around. If you are in a moody mood, Focus on yourself first. A relationship could complicate things for you.

What kind of a girl should you look for?

If you are wondering how to find a girlfriend, you are looking for something for the long haul. So don’t just jump into marriage dreams with the first girl you meet.

Now ask yourself what a girl you would like to have a date with would look like. Try to imagine it without blocking yourself with thought patterns such as ” I’m short, therefore short” or “I’m not handsome so I will settle for any girl who is attracted to me”. A lot of men think that way and it’s a big mistake. Don’t deny yourself anything and think big. Of course, don’t limit yourself to physical criteria, remember that you will be sharing a piece of your life with this person. So think about the character traits that appeal to you: do you like fearless girls? Wise? Original? Traditional?

Get rid of some of your behaviours and mannerisms from your single days

Let’s recap. You are sure to want a real relationship and a bit of seriousness. You have a little idea of ​​the ideal girlfriend. On the mental side, are you ready, and the rest?

Do you want to attract a woman in your life and you plan to do so by going for a walk half-shaved in pajamas? Can you imagine afternoons huddled under the duvets but you regularly confuse your bed with the pile of dirty clothes? And do you dream of going out for two but you don’t know any nice restaurant in the neighborhood? We will have to change all that! The girl who was leaving early in the morning didn’t have time to notice the pile of dishes in your kitchen. 

If you are wondering how to have a girlfriend, you have reached a certain maturity. It’s a new chapter. Take this opportunity so that this new wind is a breath of fresh air in several aspects of your life. Take charge: exercise, eat better, learn to cook, be a little more orderly, take care of your appearance. Become a better version of yourself.

Look in the right place

That’s it, there you are! You are in the starting blocks: ready to draw your sentences that make girls crack a smile, alert and attentive to the friendzone and ready to take everything on. And where do you plan to run like that?

Where should you find your girlfriend? Approaching a girl in the street is perhaps not the easiest. And that’s true. But outside, it’s not just in the street. Have an open mind.

It could be: in the queue at the movies, in a park, in a club, in a library… even in a clothing store. Who is keeping you from getting lost on the second floor of Zara or H&M? In fact, you can meet people on a daily basis. You just have to be attentive and prepared.

For sure, if you stand in line with your eyes riveted on your phone, you won’t notice the pretty girl behind you. And if you are in the moonlight, stuck in front of the comic book section, you will miss the lady who picked up that elusive Batman comic issue. Too bad, she looked interesting.

So from now on, practice mindfulness in the present moment, turn off your phone, and go out and date. Choose places that you would normally go to. Don’t go and find yourself a bookworm if you have trouble reading a text message to the end.

Meet friends of your friends

The friendly circle. Nothing more logical, right? You might think you’ve taken the tour, but you’re never immune to a pleasant surprise. So don’t give up on going out with friends just because you’re looking for someone you don’t already know.

Imagine that a friend decides to introduce you to a pretty brunette she just met at work? Or a distant cousin who lives in Italy? If you want, you can even tell your friends outright that you want to move on, that you would like to find a girlfriend. Some may have someone to introduce you to. Arranged dates aren’t to everyone’s liking. But sometimes circumstances make it hard to meet new people.

Another circle of friends: work colleagues! But hey, that will depend on your job of course. If you work for a large corporation, you have plenty to explore. On the other hand, if you have set up a project with your best friend, the choices are reduced.

In any case, be careful to respect a certain moral code if you want to avoid problems. Some people to avoid include the best friend’s ex, a friend’s alleged girlfriend, a friend’s girlfriend, among a few others.

How to use dating sites to stop yourself from dying alone?

Reviews on dating sites are mixed and some believe it is the last resort. But the point is, it works pretty well. Of course, you have to know how to do it. Dating on the internet is a chapter of seduction in its own right.

You will have to choose the right site. We all know Tinder and we all know that it is not the ideal platform for a serious meeting. The pioneer in this area is rather Meetic. Dating on Meetic is also particularly simplified because registered members are looking for the same thing as you. Then, you have to know how to choose your nickname, write an original profile and then know how to start a conversation by interposed screens. It doesn’t sound like that, but writing a first message that hits the mark is not for everyone!

While some people might scoff at the idea of using dating sites and apps to find a girlfriend, we are living in the 21st Century after all. It makes sense to embrace the benefits of modern technology, especially when it helps you find a girlfriend and prevents you from dying alone.

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