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How to Style Your Bedroom Mirror

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Mirrors are a tool we use to view ourselves to ensure we look presentable before leaving home. But there are other ways we can incorporate them in the bedroom to elevate the design.

If you opt for classic over trendy, good for you. Falling into trends means you’ll have to get rid of your outdated pieces after a few years. However, there are some trends you might like. For example, nail heads are very popular furniture accents. You may not want to fully commit and buy a sofa or chair with them, but why not find a framed mirror with the small studs outlining the perimeter? It’s a great way to add a contemporary piece without overwhelming the space.

You can always position the mirror opposite a window for maximum sunlight. The sun rays bouncing around the room lighten the atmosphere and open up the space. The room feels bigger, and it’s easier to relax.

The dresser isn’t the only place you can use dresser mirrors. You can mount them on the wall and put them in unexpected places to liven up the décor. Create an eclectic headboard by placing them on the wall behind the bed. Or complement the headboard by positioning the mirrors behind the nightstands. Mirrors with frames that match or contrast with the color of the headboard can create a grand and luxurious vibe in the room.

Position mirrors opposite each other to incorporate more depth into the design. Try using different shapes and sizes for more visual appeal. Place the mirrors on closet doors also for the illusion of increased depth.

You can use the mirrors for dresser decoration, as they were intended. Vintage dressers are slowly and quietly making a comeback. The mirrors for these dressers are elaborate and formal. If you have a vintage dresser, now’s the time to update the look with a new coordinating mirror.

Wicker furniture is also back in style, and so are the mirrors. Wicker is a classic material that conjures thoughts of summer, just don’t try to pair it with anything other than wicker, or you will be disappointed.

The mirror size is just as important as the materials used to accent the piece. The dresser size is equally as important to your room’s overall look. Mirrors hanging above tall dressers look completely out of place. The purpose of the dresser mirror is to have someplace to view yourself as you get dressed and plan to leave for the day or evening.

A tall-boy dresser with a mirror won’t allow that to happen; it’s also an awkward place for a mirror as there may not be ample space between the ceiling and top of the dresser, causing the area to appear cluttered.

Always take measurements and don’t buy a mirror wider or taller than the dresser. That will only throw the entire look out of whack, leaving the space uneven and unbalanced. Follow these tips, and you’ll have a dresser mirror you’ll love for a long time.

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