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How to Promote your Self-Defense Classes on Instagram

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Self-defense is the skill of the decade – I mean just look at the crime rates around the world. And if you’re someone who’s offering self-defense classes then it’s really no less than a service to the community. Now you don’t need to be worrying about marketing and promotion on top of that, but you do need a way to get your message to the masses, and what better way than Instagram! 

To make things easy and breezy for you – so you can focus on the hard-hitting self-defense tactics – here’s my simple guide on how you can promote your self-defense class on Instagram: 

Story Up!

Let’s face it, many of us spend hours aimlessly scrolling through social media, but did you know that certain types of content get more visibility than others? And according to the Instagram algorithm, stories are right at the top of the list! Not only do they rack in more views, but stories also make for great, engaging content. 

Post about daily sessions and class timings, and host polls or questions to promote your self-defense classes by keeping your viewers updated on the daily. And you can even let your viewers feel more connected by going live on your Instagram story, giving them in-depth detail about what your self-defense classes have to offer while simultaneously making them comfortable with you – a win-win for classes where the student’s trust levels are essential. 

Collaborate to Uprate!

One of the key notions of marketing and promotion is targeting the right audience. While your ads and posts may be stunning and captivating, they’re of little use if your intended audience doesn’t see them. 

A great way to make sure your self-defense classes’ content reaches potential customers is by taking part in collaborations! You can choose to partner with youth centers, schools, or even women’s aid groups – all places that house potentially vulnerable individuals that would benefit from some self-defense training. Look into hosting giveaways, holding free sessions, or even just partnering to spread awareness – either way, the service you’re providing is sure to stand out and you’ll be reaching more users than ever before!

Create Bangin’ Content 

All things aside, the quality of your content really makes a difference in how well your Instagram page performs. Sticking to the Instagram basics and putting out posts and stories to promote your self-defense classes is right on point with how the platform operates, and if done right you’ll soon be seeing an increase in both followers and customers. 

Make sure that your posts are self-explanatory in that they detail your classes without being too wordy. And of course, the visuals need to be on point to really grab attention! To make things easy you can choose from one of the hundreds of customizable Instagram templates available on PosterMyWall – not only will you get great execution, but the creation process will also be super simple and fun, and not to mention light on your pocket! 

Be a #HashtagQueen – or King

Chances are that you’re not going to be the only one in your area offering self-defense classes, which is why it’s essential to stand out above the competition. And what’s going to get you there? Hashtags! Yes, they really are the ultimate marketing tool, and you can make them work for you too.

Users often search for specific content using hashtags, so it would do you good to conduct some research and gather hashtags that are relevant to the classes you’re offering. Look for hashtags that are trending both for the subject you’re dealing with and for your location, and once these are at the bottom of your posts, the engagement levels should only go up! 

Stick to a Calendar

It’s easy for things to get the better of us, and in the midst of our busy lifestyles, we can often overlook maintaining a social media presence. But don’t get so caught up with your self-defense classes that you forget to post about them altogether! A good way to keep your posting on the clock is to use a social media calendar – either use an online tool or create a calendar yourself using excel, it’s really very simple. 

Make sure to post on Instagram a couple of times a week – three seems like a good number – and daily stories are also great for engagement. Remember, one of the essentials of Instagram promotion and marketing is regularity, so the more you post the more opportunity your audience will have to engage, and that’s the key to coming out on top. But of course, it’s always quality over quantity! 

Put a Little Fuel in it

Look, there’s a reason that paid ads were invented – it’s because they work. While organic marketing is great for promotion, it can sometimes fail to carry that extra spark, and there’s no shame in admitting that you might need some help from the bank. If you think your self-defense classes aren’t getting the traction they need, then promoting them through a paid ad on Instagram might just be the succeeding factor. 

Make sure to accurately punch in demographic details to ensure that the audience getting your ads is the audience most likely to convert. Not only will your paid ads appear at the top of timelines, but you’ll also be able to see analytics, helping you further streamline your Instagram marketing strategy and setting you up for success! 

Once you’ve mastered Instagram promotion with these strategies, you can focus on what truly matters: polishing your self-defense classes so that they’re the best in town. Remember, don’t rush the marketing and the results will pour in – especially with tried and tested techniques like these! 

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