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How to Make Money From Blog Writing?

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Blogging and content writing are two domains where a lot of people earn money these days. With passive income blogs, you get commissions through ads and brand partnerships or by writing sponsored content. You also get to sell products or services with blog writing apart from connecting with the targeted audience in a particular niche. The key to blogging is an active social media presence, creating high-quality content and using various types of content writing that users find helpful and relevant.

If you want to start your own blog, there are a few steps including buying a domain name, knowing about your potential readers, creating a content strategy and providing good content that helps your site optimise search engines. For best results, employ the below-mentioned points so that your blog starts making serious money for you.

Offer relevant service

If your blog does not comprise relevant industry data or outdated information, the readers will not land on your page at all. To target an audience, you have to provide services to your online visitors depending on the niche you are working at. Many bloggers have personalised pages to solve visitors’ queries while some have consulting services for the visitors that take care of their individualised issues. Usually, these services are paid ones and you may even ask your readers to transfer the charges into your bank account. However, to reach this stage, you will have to improve your site ranking and SEO to generate earnings.

AD networking

One way to make money from blog writing is by joining popular AD networking sites such as Google AdSense and Facebook ads. As a blogger, you get money every time a new reader visits your page or sees their ads, provided your site is approved to display ads. It is also known as website monetization and is suitable for high-traffic, and informative blogs.

Using SEO correctly

Although bloggers are advised not to focus more on SEO but create customer-specific content, you must understand the purpose behind SEO or search engine optimization if you seek to make money from your blog writing. Once you choose your niche and start building unique content, you must focus on an SEO strategy that can enhance your site ranking on popular search engine pages like that of Google. When you learn how to use SEO for site rankings, apply them strategically while making your blogs informative and useful for the readers.

Selling informational products

This is one strategy followed by bloggers who specialise in a particular niche to sell products to their targeted customers. In case you have an audience from social media or email lists, you may start your blog by providing relevant information and your product information. One successful example is a food-related blog where bloggers inform audiences about different types of food to sell related products. If you run your blog systematically, the job becomes quite simple as the right audiences pitch for your products at your desired time.

Affiliate marketing

As per DailyHawker, Affiliate marketing or advertisements is one of the finest ways to make money from blogging. Even a single sale can make you more money than clicking on ads. Affiliate marketing is all about monetising the blog with available affiliate marketing programs. The benefits of affiliate marketing include sharing unique affiliate links of your recommended products on your site. Once the user clicks on the product and ends up buying it, you earn a huge commission on the selling price. The affiliate commission may further depend on the per sale range lying between five to thirty per cent.

Product/brand sponsorship

Once your blog starts getting web traffic and looks authorised, you may get offers for sponsored blog posts or products review for money. In many situations, companies or individualised sellers may pay you for writing sponsored blogs on your website or posts which have backlinks to their sites. Such backlinks help them in getting a better ranking due to search engine optimization.

By launching online and offline workshops

One way where passionate bloggers or a specific niche expert can monetize from their website is the promotion of online and offline workshops in the form of courses or information-sharing methods. With the help of technological advancement, you can easily organize an online learning management system to sell your courses or launch an online medical service to reach people in remote places. When more people will start following your blog, they will look for your advice or need your expertise. This way, you will be able to organize offline workshops and invite your blog readers to meet them physically and do the needful.

Get involved in social media to market your content

This is one strategy that is followed by almost every successful blog or website i.e., engaging themselves in popular social media sites. Just building a blog without putting an effort to spread its utility is a waste of time and energy. And what will be better than social media to find and engage new communities for a specific niche? Get social and join a like-minded blog community by sharing your opinion and engaging with others on social media sites. Once your site gets a boast and search engine visibility is increased, you can use a content marketing strategy by marketing your content to potential buyers in the form of backlinks, sponsored blogs, affiliate marketing and on.

The significance behind community building in blog writing

When you start blogging or content writing, your primary intention must be to create a community comprising people who will follow your webpage in the long run, interact with them and offer readers products or services. Therefore, bloggers and website owners use community building strategy by following different ways such as:

Email: Bloggers ask readers to subscribe to their mail list to get valuable information from their site. You can also use the email list to inform the community whenever a new blog is posted on your website and ask for their feedback in return. However, email marketing does not become successful in a day rather it needs trust building by providing readers with valuable information through your blog post. This is an efficient way to build a community besides interacting with readers directly.

Social Media networking: Many readers do not prefer receiving emails while some may never open your mail and put them in the trash without reading. Therefore, many bloggers use social media sites to build engaging communities and create awareness regarding niche-specific topics. This requires significant time and social media presence to engage continually with your potential followers. Although you may find thousands of communities on social media, you must target those channels at the beginning which might prove more effective.

Replying to readers’ comments: Once you start building a community to improve your site ranking, you must never ignore answering queries or replies in your blogs. This does not mean commenting that you can write blogs to the social media community but replying to the comments others make in your blog posts. If someone writes in your blog, they expect an answer in return and ignoring them can be bad for your site’s reputation. After all, community building is a two-way process where both the receiver and sender need to create a positive engagement through replies and answers.

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