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How Students Can Cope With a 5-Page Essay

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Essay assignments often include an expected length of text or a number of words. What should you do if you have said everything you wanted to say, but you didn’t get the volume required? Should you turn to an online essay writer right away? No, you can manage on your own. In this article, we will tell you how to make a plan, expand the text if you need to write an essay for five pages, and edit the resulting text.

Getting ready

Write down all your thoughts in free form. You need to learn to write down everything that comes into your head without thinking about the form. This is not yet the last version of the text, so you need to sketch out your main thoughts first and then decide how you can systematize them. Start with your own beliefs, even if the teacher has forbidden you to use the personal pronoun. This is a rough draft that no one but you will see. Use the freewriting method. Take 10-20 minutes and write all your thoughts on a given topic without thinking about every word.

The next step is to make a research and find all the necessary information related to the topic. The data you should look for depends on the topic of your research. People usually use this infromation to back up their arguments and prove their point.

Next, try to draw a diagram of your essay. Formulate the main topic in the center of the page. It can be something general. Now, think of sub-themes related to the main idea. Next to each of them, write the associations they make for you. At some point, you will see that there are connections between these topics. That way, you can highlight what you definitely need to talk about and what you can skip.

You must come up with a compelling and interesting thesis statement. In essence, it is the main statement you want to address in your essay. Ideally, the thesis statement should be controversial, complex, and engaging.

After you come up with a thesis statement, you should organize your thoughts. To get a long essay, you need to write as much text as possible during the draft stage. Think of it as a kind of plan for your future work. Once again, review all of your notes and put them in the right order.

Writing process

Writing a big text is much easier if you do it gradually and not at once. It is very difficult to write a 5-page essay at a time, so start working on your text in advance so that you have enough time to finish it.

Use your plan with ideas and sketch out the order in which you want to express your thoughts. As a rule, an essay begins with an introduction, where you bring the reader up to date and form the thesis statement. The further construction of your paper depends on the number of ideas. As a rule, one paragraph is allocated for the argument of one idea. The finale of the essay will be the conclusion.

If you have an interesting thesis statement on a topic that can provoke questions and discussion, it will be easy for you to write an essay. If you lack volume, revise your thesis by making it narrower and more complex.

You can use other people’s words to prove your point. Cite quotations as needed, analyze the importance of the statement, and this will make your text more meaningful and longer. You can also use opposing points of view and explain why you think they are wrong.

As you write your essay, think about what questions your teacher might have and try to answer them before you turn it in. Learn to ask questions about your statements. Why? Does the paragraph cover the question completely? Have I provided enough arguments and evidence? Will readers understand my essay if they are unfamiliar with the topic, or is it worth introducing them to it? If you have any doubts, you can feel free to add new information to your paper.

Edit your essay

If you have written a large essay, but it still falls short, don’t torture yourself — just add more of someone else’s statements to the text. Take quotations from reliable sources and insert sufficiently long phrases into the text. Also, add your own explanations and comments to these statements. However, it is important not to go overboard and turn your essay into a book of catchphrases.

When you write passionately about something, you often forget to explain how one thing flows from the other. Find places where you move from one thought to the next, and separate them with special constructions to make the text easier to read and comprehend. You can summarize, make a small introduction to the next argument, or add some linking words.

The people who get the worst grades are not those who can’t write the necessary volume, but those who can’t develop an idea, connect the arguments and get across to the reader what they mean. If you want to increase the volume of your essay, you should try to do so at the expense of quality text, not lengthy reasoning, and overflowing from nothing to nothing. Unsuccessful techniques include:

  • The use of several words where one is enough;
  • Excessive use of adverbs and adjectives;
  • Repetitive thoughts;
  • Rude attempts at making a joke or ridicule;
  • Use of abstruse words.

As you edit your essay, try to pay special attention to the citation style you use. Make sure you follow the one that is required at your school. Moreover, you have to proofread your work several times to find all the mistakes and misprints. You can also use special grammar checkers. However, we still highly recommend you proofread an essay yourself. It is better to put it down for a couple of hours or a day. This will help you review it with clear eyes and, maybe, find other mistakes.

We hope that our simple tips can help you deal with a 5-page essay with no trouble!

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