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Hannibal Season 4 Release Date, Crew, Storyline, Humour and More

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Almost six years have passed by when Hannibal season 3 ended after airing its final episode. The show gained popularity gradually after all the episodes of NBC’s marvel were released while the viewers wonder when they can get to see delightful Hannibal Season 4. The unorthodox relation shared by Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal lecturer and Hugh Dancy’s criminal profiler named Will Graham has surely won the hearts of Netflix audiences. According to Mikkelsen, the fame and attention received by the show could be the primary reason behind the resurrects of the fourth season and can be revitalised soon.

Hannibal story plot

American psychological horror thriller, Hannibal is a television series that was developed by NBC’s Bryan Fuller. The show is developed around characters and critical elements that can be read in the novel Red Dragon written by Thomas Harris released in 1981, Hannibal of 1999 and Hannibal Rising in 2006. All the series emphasises the relationship between Dr Hannibal Lecturer and Will Graham where the Lecturer acts as the forensic psychiatrist who becomes Graham’s cunning enemy. However, he is the only person on the earth who understands Graham very well.

The Hannibal episodes have been produced by NBC which is based on Thomas Harris novels. Season 1 and 2 comprises 13 episodes while Season 3 started on 4th June 2015 and ended the same year on August 29. In the series, Wil Graham is one of the FBI profilers and was recruited by Jack Crawford, Behavioural Sciences head of the FBI who assist the officers in investigating a serial killer in Minnesota. While most of the investigation is made on Graham, Crawford wants to get supervised by Dr Hannibal Lecturer. The Lecter, who is a cannibalistic serial killer tries to manipulate the FBI initially from inside but his bond builds with Graham and he is threatened to hold this relationship for longer. Rather, the Lecturer is fascinated by the ability possessed by Graham who focuses on psychopathic murders. 

Why can we hope Hannibal Season 4 will be aired anytime soon?

Hannibal has left our television screens a long time ago yet its three episodes still run on Netflix again and again by Hannibal lovers. This can be a mark revealing Hannibal Season 4 arrival since many ‘Fannibals’ wish to see it after watching other episodes of Hannibal.

The show having Thomas Harris is a horror story about Hannibal lecturer which have indeed circulated highly among the energetic NBC crowd in and outside the United States. Since the time it was cancelled a few years back, the media has sensed its potential restoration due to the series fanbase and popularity. So, if the media has sensed the right thing, can we watch Hannibal Season 4 soon or have to wait for a longer time?

The expected storyline of Hannibal Season 4

The third season so far of Hannibal has shown us the variations of the two important characters in the show. The third season rather flipped the first stories and adjusted it with the second season of Red Dragon 1981. The series got shut with a hilarious ending where Wil Graham, Hannibal Lecturer and the serial killer Francis Dolarhyde go head-to-head. The Lecturer and Graham cooperate to slaughter and attack the serial killer in an encounter on the clifftop.

Hannibal Lecturer till now becomes contended of the fact that Graham has become his partner in deadly crimes. Graham too is accustomed to the new change and accepts Hannibal offer to pull Francis to the edge of the Hill.

In the fourth season, we might return to Dr Bedelia Du Maurier who has a missing leg. It has been cooked and served for three guests at a table. Will Hannibal and Graham face a tumble from the clifftop or visit Bedella in the next season?

Hannibal Season 4 cast and crew

Although we have a list of cast and crew members that can be expected in Hannibal Season 4, things might get altered with time and requirements. The regulars of Hannibal’s include Hugh Dancy as Wil Graham, Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecturer, Aaron Abrams and Brian Zellar, Gillian Anderson as Dr Bedelia Du Maurier, Scott Thompson as Jimmy Price, Raul Esparza as Dr Fredrick Chilton and Caroline Dhavernas as Dr Alana Bloom. The cast and crew members gathered in a 2020 board meeting when they proposed to return together for Hannibal Season restoration. It is also expected that Laurence Fishburne might repeat as Wil Graham’s manager Jack Crawford.

Why can Hannibal Season 4 get cancelled?

Although we have obtained much information about the restoration of the Hannibal Season 4, NBC has confirmed in 2015 that it won’t return for the fourth season soon. They said, “We have been immensely pleased with Hannibal over its three seasons,”. The organization continued, “Bryan and his group of authors and makers, just as our amazing entertainers. Have brought a visual range of narrating that has been best in class in the entirety of TV broadcast or link. We thank [producers] Gaumont and everybody engaged with the show for their energetic endeavours that have made Hannibal an inconceivable encounter for crowds all throughout the planet.”

The Release Date of Hannibal Season 4

Although NBC announced about further cancellation of Hannibal Seasons, a meeting in June 2016 with Bryan Fuller, Collider suggested that the innovative group of Hannibal must sit tight and explore innovations for some time.  He said, “August 2017 is the point at which we can really begin discussing [a revival],”

Despite we have not received a confirmation about the show recovery or when it may start, Fuller has confirmed in June 2020 that he is pretty confident about the fourth season possibility. He recommended that the show must probably get continued after every four to six years when a season ends.

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