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Glory Johnson, an American basketball player, competes for Beşiktaş in Turkey. She has been overseas to promote the Montenegrin national squad and holds a Montenegrin passport. Glory’s union with Brittney Griner, a fellow WNBA star, allegedly lasted barely 28 days before breaking up. 

Before their split, the ex-couple was thought of as the lesbian pair that fans adored the most. They had both achieved substantial career success. Johnson competed for the US squad in the 2011 Summer Universiade in Shenzhen, China. To earn the gold medal, the team had to win each one of the six events.

Glory’s Love Life

A few miles from her family’s Knoxville home in Seymour, Tennessee, Glory Johnson was seeing 30-year-old Christopher Fry. On May 8, 2015, Johnson & Brittney Griner exchanged vows. After almost a year of separation, Glory Johnson & Brittney Griner decided to be divorced. Griner and Johnson split 28 days after their marriage, although shortly after Johnson revealed she was carrying IVF twins Ava & Solei, Griner fled. 

Griner is responsible for paying $2,516 in support payments & $2,835 in daycare every month for the 2 Johnson kids. In court paperwork Johnson submitted when Griner filed for a divorce and requested financial assistance, she stated that both women remained dedicated to providing for their children together.

Details about Glory Johnson’s First Wife

Glory Johnson, as well as Brittney Griner, met at a basketball tournament in Las Vegas, where they later grew close. Notably, a Glory located Brittney Griner and went straight to her. Although Griner took the action that would formally end the relationship, it didn’t take long for them to hook up following their initial connection. Johnson and WNBA colleague Brittney Griner announced their engagement to the public on August 14, 2014.

Police intervened in a confrontation between the two women on April 22, 2015, in the Goodyear, Arizona, home, so both ladies were taken into custody for bodily assault. Both victims of the event only suffered minor injuries. Nevertheless, they remained in their romance, and on May 8, 2015, they were wed. Johnson made her pregnancy and decision to skip the 2015 WNBA tournament public on June 4, 2015. Griner’s plea for separation was denied the next day. In October 2015, Johnson went into labour with twin girls 16 weeks early. Her eggs & donor sperm were utilized in IVF to make the twins.

Early Life

United States citizen Glory B Johnson had been raised in Colorado Springs. Bassey Johnson Udofot & Mercy Bassey Johnson are her parents. In addition, her mother works as an ICU nurse and her dad is an engineer. Bassey had to move around a lot for his profession. While he was away, Mercy maintained control of the situation. She is a diligent woman. She has also put in a lot of night shifts to support the family. 

In addition, Glory’s mother has been a tremendous support throughout his basketball career. She has urged her daughter to put in a lot of effort and never give up. For her to attend the basketball player’s high school games, her mom would take up late shifts. Johnson has been the youngest of the five children, except that. She has a brother and three sisters. Her two sisters were Grace and Judy Johnson, albeit there isn’t much information available about her other siblings. She is close with her sisters and confides in them frequently. The power forward went to Knoxville’s Webb School.


She had a fantastic career overall and played for the school. She continued her schooling at the University of Tennessee after graduating. While participating in the Tennessee Ladies Volunteers basketball league in Tennessee, she improved her basketball abilities. She earned a bachelor’s degree in global studies after graduating. Additionally, the Dream player holds a master’s in communications.

Glory Johnson, Brittney Griner’s ex-wife, never dated women but wed a WNBA star before divorcing him soon after.

Glory Johnson, a former WNBA player, opened up about the brief but turbulent marriage to Brittney Griner during an interview after their highly publicized divorce. The 32-year-old woman described how, less than a month after being married, her marriage to the Phoenix Mercury superstar went sour. 

Despite deciding to wed Brittney Griner, Johnson stated she had never had a relationship with a woman before and that she did not consider herself to be lesbian. In 2014, Griner and Johnson made their engagement public. In reaction to a report of domestic abuse, the police were required to go to the couple’s Arizona home in April 2015. Following a violent struggle, Griner and Johnson both suffered minor wounds. But soon after, they got back together, and they wed in May, a few weeks later. After undergoing an IVF process, they revealed that Johnson was expecting a child in June. After or less a month of marriage, Brittney Griner would seek an annulment the following day.

Glory Johnson spoke about her unhappy union with Brittney Griner.

Glory Johnson claims that despite Brittney Griner not understanding her sexual orientation, she married her. In the other words, she wed her spouse purely out of love. As it turned out, the current Dallas Wings player thought her ex-husband had deceived her. In other terms, her experience with Griner was very different from what she had anticipated. In any case, the couple’s relationship deteriorated as Griner admitted culpability to the accusations of domestic abuse against her, but Johnson did not. 

The 31-year-old WNBA player was forced to attend counselling for 26 weeks consequently. Johnson, meantime, gave birth to her twins early in the same year, in October. In the end, Griner claimed she had no part in the IVF process, leaving Johnson in a dire financial situation. The couple’s divorce was concluded formally in June 2016. Cherelle Watson, Griner’s fiancée at the time, was married in June 2019. Later, Watson adopted Griner’s last name as her own.

Future of Griner following sentencing

Brittney Griner is presently incarcerated in Russia for nine years. The Russian police apprehended her earlier this year after finding vape cartridges plus cannabis oil among her baggage.

Glory’s Net Worth 

Glory Johnson’s net worth is reportedly between $4 million to $12 million, according to reports. Her career as a pro basketball in the United States is her primary source of income. Deals and sponsorships also bring in a sizable chunk of money for her. A Splendour player who was a multiple WNBA All-Star has been added to the Atlanta Dream squad. By the completion of the 2019 campaign, her contract with both the Dallas Wings was over. Due to a few ailments, Johnson had a disappointing season in 2018, skipping some games and having to sit out others. She participated in 29 games, started 17, and had career-low statistics in both runs scored and rebounds.

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