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Franky Monet WWE NXT | News, Rumors & Biography

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Since entering NXT earlier this year, the brave and badass beauty has caused a stir. She hasn’t lost a single match in singles play, made new friends, and has been closely pursuing Raquel Gonzalez, the NXT Women’s Champion. She’s interested in seeing how she develops and what the future may hold for the ostensibly revamped NXT. She has every reason to believe that fans will enjoy NXT 2.0 almost as much as it’s the most recent version, based on what she has been told about just the rebranding to the renovated Capitol Wrestling Center. 

Here is Franky Monet’s biography, news, and rumours.


Taya Valkyrie is the ring name of Canadian professional wrestler, model, and fitness competition Kira Renée Magnin-Forster, born October 22, 1983. She now wrestles for Lucha Libre AAA World, where she is the current AAA Reina de Reinas Champion in her 4th reign, and Impact Wrestling, in which she is a previous Effect Knockouts Champion as well as a recently left Effect Knockdowns World Tag Team Champion. She also holds the record for the most reign for both titles. She also performs for Major League Wrestling, where she holds the title of Women’s Featherweight Champion for the first time. Additionally, she performed for WWE as Franky Monet.

What fans can anticipate from NXT 2.0 

Given everything that has been saying recently, Monet is familiar with the doubts fans may have about the different directions of NXT, but he assures them that they shouldn’t worry. She is certain that this is a good step forward with the black-and-gold brand & hopes the audience will appreciate it as much as she will after seeing what the refurbished Capitol Wrestling Center will look like and having a broad concept of what to anticipate.

Franky Monet talks about her experience in NXT so far

By challenging the NXT Women’s champion Raquel Gonzalez on her first night in the organization, Monet quickly established the tone for what would come. Although they haven’t yet faced off for the title, it is more of a matter of when than if this is their big chance. She has enlisted Jessi Kamea & Robert Stone to support her while compiling a remarkable run of singles victories. Overall, she’s performed admirably and is unmistakably being prepared for a future game run, given how she’s been booked so far. Monet has not only settled into her role as a character on-air but has also been relishing her experiences at NXT off-screen. 

She noted that she had the full backing of the coaches and the creative staff and that she hadn’t hesitated to seek the brains of everybody, including Triple H & Shawn Michaels. As most people are already aware, she formerly wrestled under Taya Valkyrie before joining WWE. Although it gave her some effort to become used to being referred to by her new title, she believes that the transition between Taya into Franky Monet was natural and that she hasn’t had to make many changes to her in-ring strategy.

Franky Monet on which Lucha Underground can teach NXT 

Monet was best known for the short years she served in IMPACT Wrestling, during which she became the longest-reigning Knockouts Champions in the organization’s history, before signing with WWE in February 2021. Additionally, she won a AAA Reina de Reinas Championships for the longest number of days. Fans might forget, meanwhile, that Lucha Underground, which ran from 2014 to 2018, gave her her first significant American recognition. 

When she made her television debut in the second season, she matched up right away with her real-life husband, John Morrison, who was then known as Johnny Mundo. Anyone who witnessed it can attest that Lucha Underpass was an original wrestling program in terms of storytelling while still being quite entertaining. For a long time, NXT had the same gritty, underground vibe, and Monet sees parallels between the two, particularly regarding the talent’s passion.

Franky Monet discusses Samoa Joe, John Morrison’s reunion, and other topics

What will happen to the NXT Championship, whom Samoa Joe sadly had to relinquish over the weekends due to injury, is one of the biggest mysteries going into Tuesday’s NXT. The next champion will be decided by the Fatal 4-Way match between Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly, Tommaso Ciampa, & LA Knight, according to an announcement made by NXT regional manager William Regal on Monday afternoon. 

Monet hopes Joe won’t be sidelined for too long and is eager to learn what the future holds for the NXT Championship. Monet has been active in the women’s category and has teamed up with Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea. She did not explain their alliance but did hint that more would be disclosed in due course.

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