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10 Foolproof Places To Touch A Man To Drive Him Crazy

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In this article, we talk about places to touch a man to drive him crazy as men are wilder than animals – but some men need to come out of their shells a little bit. A man enjoys sex in an absolute way, without restraints or restrictions, and with the same ease with which they take a shower. Turning them on seems to be pretty straightforward – one way of walking, even a glance can do it. But how do we really drive him crazy beyond what he thinks is possible? Here are 10 places you need to focus on:

Places To Touch A Man To Drive Him Crazy: 10 Guaranteed Areas! 

1. Ear

We all agree that it is not a new place and may already be more explored than the Eiffel Tower but it is a safe area to excite your partner till the end of time. And that you should treat the ear carefully and seductively so that they do not complain about you tickling them.

This is one of the places to touch a man to drive him crazy IF you follow these steps: 

  1. wrap your arms around his head and start kissing him little by little all over his face 
  2. The controls are now carried by you, so do not let him kiss you, so you will arouse his curiosity and desire to touch you.
  3. When you reach his ear, very slowly, kiss him and gently kiss him around him. 
  4. Now, don’t even think about sticking your tongue through the eardrum or blowing on it, which is very unpleasant.

2. The fingers

You know those fingers that he uses to touch your face, to hold hands, to lift your waist, etc,  also have an exact point that arouses his sexual appetite? We are not referring to the old trick of putting them in your mouth.

To surprise your partner, what you have to do is make small circular movements with the tips of your fingers as if you were making imaginary lines with them.

Once you’ve done that, take his hand and run the tip of your tongue across his palm. Now, look at his face and he will be more than in the mood. 

3. Just below the navel

The navel should be another one of the perfect places to touch a man to drive him crazy! 

Why? The area of ​​the abdomen that reaches the pelvis is the right place for you to start touching and arousing him. The explanation is very simple: the blood flow goes down and excites the main area of ​​your partner with the sexual tension.

If it’s more of kisses than gentle touching, gently run your lips over her hip bones as well. Yes, those that stand out when you are lying in bed. The rest will come by itself. 

4. The chest

Although it looks like an orangutan came out of the jungle with the amount of hair it has in that area, the chest is an erogenous zone that your boy has.

This is where the so-called “w” point is hidden. How to stimulate it? It’s very simple: your finger turns into a snake and creates a path full of pleasure.

With the tip of your finger, draw an imaginary line to one end, later going down the length of the pectoral, zigzagging to the other side to form the “W”. 

When you want to see if he likes it, the countdown will have already started. 

5. The inside of his legs

You have always thought that those hairy, ugly legs that your partner has do not serve for anything other than to keep him well seated while watching football, but in reality, this area of ​​the body hides an incredible sensitivity.

It is especially important that you stimulate the inner area of ​​your thighs, specifically, the areas nearest to his groin. This is where you should start working with your hands, moving your fingertips up and down.

Continues all the way until “accidentally” – very accidental it is not, of course -you end up colliding with his member. That will be the high point that will make passion do the rest ..

6. Nipples

Nipples are very sensual to the male body and you can give him the most pleasure if you transfer those circular movements to the nipples, since many men have sensitivity in that area of ​​the body. Little bites will help you find out if he really likes it or not… You will quickly realize it because it will tell you to repeat it!

7. The back

Before the sexual act it is very important that all areas of the body are properly alerted to the desire for what is coming in just a few minutes. Neither men nor women can resist caresses and much less if they are on the back. Play with your fingers up and down and shift to a sensual massage … soon, he will go crazy! It will give him so much pleasure that the next thing he will do is kiss you so hard that passion will do the rest.

The back is an erogenous zone that must be stimulated, yes, very gently, as it is sensitive and very delicate when it comes to feeling the touch of your body.

8. The rear

Although most men are reluctant to have you touch that area of ​​their body, they would frame a female rear in their room, so do not be afraid of playing and experimenting with it. 

You know why? Because it will provide them with such a pleasant sensation that they will ask you to repeat that strange sensation of having been groped by you for a change. You can also go for a double hand squeeze through his soft pajamas or shorts, or especially under the sheets when he is on top of you. 

You may caress or simply run your fingers up the rear in a very sensual way.

9. The back of the knees

It is an area that they do not attach much importance to – or clean well during a shower. But the kings of the world hold a sensual area of their body behind the back of the knees. 

Now that the one in charge of the situation is you, going towards the knees is a complicated point of your body as you can end up tickling him but what we are looking for is for him to get in tune.

To do this, gently stroke the back of the knees.

Most men have a sexual appetite in that area, due to its extreme sensitivity and delicacy. If it occurs to you to try with your freshly manicured, soft feet, looking very beautiful that’s even better! 

10. Head

This goes without saying but a hair massage given by your partner can be very relaxing. With a head massage, you can playfully work your way to his neck and to his ears. 

It can even lead to a shoulder massage which he will appreciate gratefully. With him being put in a relaxed mood, he can slowly awaken his sensual desires. 

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