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Family Life Including CBD Oil Tinctures

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The great personality trait of the Cannabidiol plant and flower is that it can be tailored to suit everyone, there is something for every family member and thus makes it the perfect addition to a nutritional plan, lifestyle, and busy schedule.

Life can certainly ‘get going’ and before we know it the week has passed, we didn’t get the vitamins we needed, didn’t go to the gym as often as we would have liked, and dinner was essentially the only time anyone saw each other. This rings even truer when children are in the house, adding in their busy extra-curricular activities, where do we have time for ourselves or to make sure they’re taking vitamins?

Thankfully, this organic plant is easy to implement into your diet and fits your lifestyle with ease, it comes in a variety of products, and is great for those kitchen enthusiasts looking for a new ingredient to elevate their menu.

Tinctures and how to use them?

Understanding that the word tincture means more than just the vintage-styled bottles we see lining the apothecary shelves in films, and while I love a brown glass bottle, knowing that it is highly concentrated is the first step into using it correctly.

A tincture is essentially a concentrated mix of natural ingredients such as leaves, flowers, berries, and even bark that are soaked in an ethanol or vinegar solution to intensify the flavor. You can see a great explanation about it here as well as some easy recipes to try your hand to.

This concentrated liquid is then added to pet products, beauty creams, and oils, and is taking the food and beverage industry by storm. Chefs and home cooks are experimenting with new and interesting methods which makes it great for adding it into lunch boxes or taking it in the morning with your coffee, but we will get into that in a minute.

Tinctures date back to as early as Egyptian times with the Pharaohs soaking their leaves and herbs in alcohol, some stronger than others, and using it to cure a variety of health ailments or issues. It was also used to treat fevers and flu during the war but was soon phased out by the pharmaceutical companies.

However, as people are becoming more educated and knowledgeable they are opting for natural and alternative treatments to the harsh medical-grade chemical-filled counter drugs. Tinctures are gaining momentum, and the use of plants is filling the medicine cabinets in our homes.

Also, be sure not to be confused by the term extracts as many people think that these are the same, they have similarities but are created differently. You can see more about it in this link but for the most part, an extract is known to use a variety of liquids whereas the tincture is solely alcohol or ethanol based.

Something for everyone.

It’s evident that healthier practices in lifestyle and nutrition are on the rise, and CBD is an ingredient that can be tweaked and added in different ways determined by your preferences.

Because of the many health benefits CBD brings to the table, using it as part of your daily routine will allow you to take advantage of these positives but without the fuss of trying to remember to take it. If it is stirred into meals the family reaps the rewards too all the while being none the wiser, and we know kids can be fussy when something is unfamiliar.

You may be an early starter who likes to get to the gym before work, adding CBD oil to your protein shake gives you the best of both worlds, or simply popping a quick CBD infused gummy in your mouth as you head out the door is quick and convenient. This is especially great for children who will never say no to a sweet, and if it’s giving them a maintained and regulated internal system from an all-natural ingredient, then all the better.

If you are a homebody that enjoys making your own soaps and body or hair wash then adding in a touch of cannabidiol (cbd) oil may just be the ingredient to take your products to that next level. It is concentrated so you don’t need to use too much for it to take effect, but you do need to add enough or there will be no efficacy and this can be frustrating.

Another great way for those hubbies who are not particularly into ‘trying’ or experimenting with ‘natural’ products and is always skeptical, you could stir it into their coffee, they get a boost first thing in the morning and it sets them up for a great day with renewed energy.

Final thoughts.

If we can implement an ingredient or product into our lives with not much effort and that helps to create homeostasis within our bodies what have we got to lose? The world is full of oversized conglomerate companies simply looking to mass-produce a chemical-based medicinal option, but taking the time to research and do your homework will pay off in the long run.

We want to live a long life as well as give our families the best quality we can afford, tinctures are easily obtained and implemented into daily routines and can be transferred to compact packaging with ease to fit your handbag and pantry cupboard. A plant from nature for all ages and demographics.

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