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Doujindesu Ended, So Here Are 5 Alternatives For Manga, Manhwa, and More!

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Literally speaking the word Doujindesu is a “book or magazine produced and printed by yourself”. The meaning of the word is broader these days, but on this website that once existed, books with manga, manhwa, and adult comics could be read. As the site doesn’t exist anymore, we’ve listed some Doujindesu Alternatives as well. 

5 Doujindesu Alternatives To Help You Get Back To Manga, Adult Comics! 

What is Doujindesu?

The Doujindesu website used to get upto 79 unique daily users and 649 pageviews every day. The Doujindesu website used to own a web worth of $6,249 USD. 

The Doujindesu website used to get an average of 8.77 page views per visitor. 

According to the Doujindesu website, the company was hosted in the United States by CLOUDFLARENET – Cloudflare, Inc., US and was according to Google Safe Browsing and Symantec, a relatively safe domain. 

The Doujindesu website was ranked 3,187th globally, with the majority of its visitors hailing from Indonesia, where it is ranked 27,356th according to Alexa’s traffic statistics.

Speaking of Indonesia, since the server moved to Indonesia, there will be a significant reduction for most people to load Doujindesu in terms of time. 

As of Jan 2022, the Doujindesu website shows an expired SSL certificate provided by CloudFlare, Inc. as of (June 21, 2021, although it fully expired on August 13, 2021).

There are two main types of Doujindesu: “original” and “parody”.

■ Original (primary creation)

Make your own story into a manga or novel.

■ Parody (derivative work)

Create your own story based on your favorite manga and anime. The parody is in the gray zone in terms of copyright.

Furthermore, the genres are subdivided according to the theme and subject matter.

5 Doujindesu Alternatives: is currently shut down so here are the best alternative websites 

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is best known for reading manga for free now that Doujindesu has been suspended. This is because Crunchyroll is known not only for offering manga series to manga fans but for its anime streaming service. There is a lot of free manga on the site, but Crunchyroll also offers an app for reading on the move.

As one of the greatest Doujindesu alternatives, Crunchyroll offers Crunchyroll Premium for $7.99/month to read all of the manga available. 

Signing up for Crunchyroll Premium grants you access to the site’s anime and manga. Signing up for Crunchyroll Premium also offers “simul pubs,” which allow you to read manga at the same time as it is released in Japan.

Signing up for Crunchyroll Premium means watching any series you’re interested in as an ad-free experience.

2. Mangapl

Mangapl is a relatively new website and one of the greatest Doujindesu alternatives that allow users to view free manhwa, manga, webtoons, and adult comics. The Mangapl website was founded in September of the year 2020, but the company changed as has been a part of the Easy Counter database since October of 2020. 

The Mangapl website holds a ranking of 327,925 on a global scale, with the traffic originating majorly from the country of India, where it is ranked as high as 87,347. 

The Mangapl website holds an account of 238 unique visitors per day and 1,473 page views per day. 

The Mangapl website is also worth $18,746 USD on the internet.

3. MangaDex

MangaDex is another Doujindesu Alternative thanks to its most comprehensive collections of Josei, Sheinen, Shonen, and webtoon manga on the internet. 

MangaDex is a site with manga comics collections offered in more than 20 languages, including Italian, German, and others.

On the MangaDex website, a colorful version, various fan-fiction endings, and official crossover manga series are all available for each manga. 

On the MangaDex website, manga series can not only be shared, but also collected, discussed, or posted in groups. 

This feature of community sharing is one of MangaDex’s benefits, but did you know that  readers can subscribe to specific groups depending on manga releases, revisions, and other circumstances. 

4. Manga Kakalot

Another Doujindesu alternative, the website of Manga Kakalot contains manga series from 40 different genres, including all of the well-known series as well as a number of lesser-known ones.

This makes the website of Manga Kakalot all compassing if you’re seeking a little more diversity. It even has every manga chapter compiled on a single web page, so you can read the complete chapter by scrolling. 

On the website of Manga Kakalot, you can even modify a few settings to make reading simpler, making it one of the greatest for manga reading in general.

5. MangaFox

Last on our list of Doujindesu alternatives is MangaFox which is extremely popular for mobile phone users who want to stream manga. 

mobile phone users must note that the MangaFox applications aren’t available in the official app stores for Android and iOS, the two of the most popular operating systems. 

This popular manga streaming service currently recommends the MangaZone app for watching their scanlations.  Why doesn’t it recommend itself you may ask? Well, the MangaZone app is straightforward and easy to use with features like adaptive zoom-in and related comment visibility that improve the user experience which is not present in the MangaFox software but is instead present in the recommended Manga Zone software. 

What kind of place is a Doujindesu convention (Japan)?

The Doujindesu convention is a sale event where you can sell your own Doujindesu. 

Also called “the comic book events of events”, Doujindesu events of various genres are held all over the country throughout the year. There is also an event where you can cosplay along with the Doujindesu convention in Japan. 

Among the Doujindesu conventions, the comic market (commonly known as Comiket), which is held twice a year in summer and winter, is especially famous. Manga books, novel books, art books, photo books, media such as games and music, miscellaneous goods, etc can be found. The method of participating in the event varies depending on the organizer, but it is generally as follows.

・ All genres : Those that do not limit the genres of participating circles.

・ Only genre : This is an event that narrows down the genres of participating circles. 

There are various genres specified, such as primary creations, works that are the basis of secondary creations, characters, and couplings. Also, both the seller and the buyer are called “participants”. Once you have decided on the event you want to attend, check the event homepage etc. carefully for the participation method and precautions.

・ General participation:

Going to the event venue to buy works such as Doujindesu is called general participation. Purchase catalogs and pamphlets as admission fees. Before creating a Doujindesu, it is a good idea to attend an event once and research what kind of Doujindesui is distributed, popular genres and patterns, book specifications and prices.

・ Circle participation:

The side that distributes works such as Doujindesu at the event venue is called circle participation. A circle is a club formed by people with the same hobbies, but in the world of people, it is a well-established term for individuals and groups participating in events.

As for the method of joining the circle, the application method and the payment method of the fee differ depending on the hosting organization or individual. Some events allow you to apply and deposit online, while others accept application forms and fixed-amount small exchanges for participation fees (certificates that can be mailed by regular mail and can be purchased at the post office) by mail. Check the event homepage etc. and check how to participate.

What is the appeal of creating your own Doujindesu?

These days, it has become easier to share your work to the world on illustration posting sites and SNS, but the book that you edited and submitted your own Doujindesu is like a physical comic book and printed from the printing shop. It’s simply nice to see work in the form of a book.

What is the attraction of participating in a circle at an event?

Participating in a circle at an event will motivate you by receiving direct reactions from general participants who pick up your own Doujindesu, or by being inspired by works created by other people. It’s also a place to talk to friends you can only meet at events. Once you join a circle, you often get addicted to the fun of joining a circle.

Even if the Doujindesu you created cannot be distributed very much, there are many people who continue to do Doujindesu activities because it is fun to participate in events and create Doujindesu. 

This is a model example of a person who lives in the suburbs of Tokyo and is doing Doujindesu activities. Doujin activities can be time consuming and expensive, so why not try to attend one of the events first?

Doujindesu annual events: 

From January to March: Participate in general participation and circle participation in genres of interest such as only events and small-scale spot sales.

April: Prepare a manuscript for SUPER COMIC CITY (mostly for all genres and women).

May: An event called SUPER COMIC CITY is held over two days during Golden Week at Tokyo Big Sight. Mainly for women.

June: The Summer Comic Market (all genres) winning announcement. Summer comics start from this time.

July: Summer Comic Market (published according to Summer Comic Market) Doujindesu  is submitted.

August: Comic Market (Summer Komi). The world’s largest event was held at Tokyo Big Sight. What is done in the summer is called summer comics. The schedule is about 3 days on the weekend around Obon around August 15th.

September: Participate in general and circles in genres of interest such as -only events and small-scale spot sales.

October: Winter Comiket Winning Announcement.

November: COMITIA (creation only). It features a wide variety of genres and exhibition content. In addition to manga and Doujindesu novels, they also handle illustration collections, picture books, and miscellaneous goods. There is also a carry-on corner for editors.

December: Comic Market (Winter Komi). The comic market is held in winter. The schedule will be two to three days at the end of the year.

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