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Digital and Tech Tools You Can Use to Help You Run Your Gambling Business

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If you are running a casino or bet shop, you will know the feeling of getting pulled in different directions. Whether you are running your first start up or you are the CEO of a global giant, there is an ongoing feeling of needing dozens of arms to handle all the spinning plates you’ve got going.

But we’re in the digital age now, and there are a lot of other businesses on the market looking to make your life easier with their start up businesses creating software and tech that will either streamline daily operations, or sometimes outright automate them.

There is a lot of software and gadgets available to help you in everything from HR duties to keeping an especially clean premise in the days of extreme hygiene. If you’re interested in making life easier, read on for our top picks of gadgets and software that can help you run your business.

Project management system

The first thing we’re going to offer you is a way that any gambling business can make every day easier. We’ve all got tasks to do, and a project management platform can take the planning element of these tasks off your hands. There will be no more figuring out who has to do what, no more tasks falling through the cracks, no more uneven distribution of work with a platform like Trello.

Trello is the friendliest approach to team management, with its colourful backgrounds that don’t invoke dread when you open it. Set each of your employees a checklist of items to be done, either weekly or daily and watch the progress as they tick them off. You will be sure that everything is done, and everyone is pulling their weight from this one platform.

You can use it for day-to-day operations or if you have something big coming up. Lay out the details of the project in a checklist and then assign them to the relevant employees. And never again have a conversation that includes the phrase “I thought you were going to do it”.

Phone system

There are a million reasons that every business should upgrade their phone system. For one thing, the modern phone systems found online like Google Phone and Zoom are all used over the internet, saving you a landline bill.

For another, any tool that improves communication is vital. Even if you don’t have a lot of chances for employees working from home in running a physical casino, they might still need to use it. Keep your employees working from home when they are snowed in over Christmas, use it to keep in contact with employees that have to travel or any digital nomads working remotely on your online casinos. Let clients and investors forgo the lengthy journey to your premises and host a meeting over a video call. Online phone systems have made having a quick conversation easy and fast.

But you should think about which one you want. Zoom maybe the popular choice but its features pale when compared to Open Phone. Open Phone was made for businesses, so it includes features like muting the phone during out of work hours, and customer service paths to ensure they reach the right person and allowing you to avoid fielding calls. If you are running an online casino, like those shown on, this can be a valuable tool to offer your users the best customer service available.

Cleaning tech

In this post-pandemic world, we’ve all became a lot more germ aware. Businesses around the world have had to adopt a superior cleaning regime that is meant to ensure that they offer as clean a premise as possible.

With your casino having to deal with the physical presence of the public, you will know just how hard it is to keep everything clean all the time. And if you’ve even glanced at the news over the past two years you will be aware of the invisible germs in the air and on nearby surfaces that are constantly re-appearing.  

What if you had a portable piece of tech that eliminated 99.99% of bacteria, aiming squarely for the bacteria in the air and surrounding surfaces? You’d have to look at getting a VIOA Tower.

The small and mobile tower uses UVC light in its decontamination system to kill bacteria, viruses, germs, and pathogens in the air and on surfaces in the room. It is also fitted with a sensor that will detect the presence of a person in the room and shut off, ensuring that no harm comes to anyone that comes too close to its powerful functions.

Use it in any business that has a collection of people in close quarters, or where hygiene is a priority. Offices can become far safer, with the shared workspace becoming cleaner, and patients of dentists and doctors will be reassured seeing the VIOA Tower in the corner. Use it in sweaty gyms, busy shops, bustling bars and restaurants, care homes and even classrooms.

Energy saving tech

There is a great upsurge in smart tech taking over cities right now. Smart tech is Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology and means that the tech will constantly assess a situation and make changes as needed, with control usually sent to your phone. You will have already seen it in contactless payments in the high street and home security systems, but there are a lot of applications in the workplace that aren’t being taken advantage of.

For one thing, a lot of these smart tech gadgets are being created in the days of the climate crisis, so they are usually energy-saving, and therefore money saving.

For example, there is the smart thermostat, which can be set to a certain temperature and maintained throughout the day, without your casino or offices heating up and up with no one willing to complain, wasting your money.

Then there are motion-activated lights. Never have to hit a dirty light switch again, and see the room light up when you enter, knowing that they will turn off a few minutes after the room is emptied, meaning that you are only using what you need.

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