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Canon W Jack Curry: 8 Interesting Facts on Steph Curry’s Son

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Steph continues to have a lot to appreciate during the off-season with such a lovely family with his gorgeous wife, Ayesha Curry. She is a celebrity herself in her own right. Because she is an experienced cookbook author, actor, and very healthy TV personality with her brand of beauty and cookware, Ms. Curry is not simply another ordinary NBA wife watching from the sidelines. 

Here are 8 fascinating facts about Steph Curry’s son.

1. A Monday baby

On Monday, Stephen Curry & his wife Ayesha welcomed a child. They shared the news on Instagram. However, Curry shared a picture of his newborn son Canon W Jack Curry, early Wednesday. With his sisters Riley and Ryan, Canon is Curry’s first child.

2. Pre-mature Birth

According to his mother, Ayesha Curry, Canon delivered early: Canon’s mother posted a photo of herself wearing a “PREGGERS” shirt on Instagram in early February 2018 to herald the fast arrival of her son. Because Steph & Ayesha announced the arrival on Instagram, wherein Curry released a photograph of Canon W Jack Curry, the family’s first male, after two girls, Riley and Ryan, the star guard for the Golden State Warriors, was born sooner than planned.

3. The Significance of the name 

That is why he had been given the name Canon: To carry on the family history and use the moniker Trey, Stephen Curry & his wife Ayesh decided to name their lone child Wardell Stephen Curry III. However, the great athlete said his wife had 4 or 5 family members named Trey.

4. Family 

Canon Curry’s mother is a well-known chef: Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry’s stunning wife and mother of his three children is Ayesha Curry. Over time, Ayesha has created her culinary empire. He launched International Smoke, his first eatery, in San Francisco in 2017. She has her own Food Channel program, cookware line, and meal kit delivery business and is the author of the guidebook The Seasoned Life. And to top that off, she represents CoverGirl as a spokeswoman.

5. Career trajectory

Steph had the ideal opportunity to welcome Canon in 2018: Stephen Curry, a Golden State Warriors star player, announced his son Canon’s delivery. The child’s debut was another source of immense personal delight for Curry, who was having a dream season after the Warriors won the NBA—winning the title for the 3rd time in the previous four Finals. With this championship, the Oakland club surpassed the Chicago Bulls to become the third-best NBA dynasty, trailing just the Los Angeles Lakers & Boston Celtics. Curry, 30, would also participate in the “American Century Championship,” a celebrity golf competition held at Lake Tahoe following the birth of Canon.

6. NBA History

The grandson of legendary NBA players Dell Curry is Canon W. Jack Curry: Dell Curry, a former American basketball player, spent 16 years in the NBA. With a height of 1.96 meters, he played point guard. With the Virginia Technological Institute & State University Hokies, where he competed for four seasons, he scored 19.0 points, 4.8 boards, & 3.2 assists per game. He was recognized as an Atlantic Association Legend in 2006, and a year later, he was hired as the Charlotte Bobcats’ assistant coach.

7. Family History

Additionally, Sonya Curry’s grandchild, Canon W. Jack Curry: Stephen Curry & Seth Curry, are two basketball players, while Sonya Curry has been most known as their mother. Sonya Curry, another former volleyball player, was mixed-race and of American and African American descent when she was born around May 30, 1966, outside Radford, Virginia, in the United States. Candy Adams is her mother, and Clive Ester Adams is her father. India Adams and Clive Adams are her sister and brother, respectively. 

She was the ex-wife of Dell Curry, who separated from her in 2021. At Virginia Tech in the 1980s, while she had played volleyball & he played playing basketball, Dell and Sonya Curry met. In 1988, the year Steph was brought into the world, and Dell was a member of the Blazers, they got married. But that love tale is ended now. Sonya Curry & her husband frequently visit their son, as well as their second son Seth Curry, whenever they get the chance.

8. Relationship with the Rivers family

Canon may forge a relationship with the Carson family in the future: The Curry family has a close relationship with the Rivers family, which includes renowned former NBA player and coach Glenn Alton, better known by his stage name “Doc” Rivers. It is said that the NBA is one giant family. As it appears in one of the children’s titles, Curry’s connections to the Carson nickname aren’t immediately obvious when trying to make the connection online. Suppose Carson is a homage to another deserving basketball star in this close-knit family of athletes, like Essence Carson. The latter has been illuminating the courts with WNBA for twelve seasons. In that case, there are whispers and concerns about it.

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