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Brush Off a Midlife Crisis with Drive, a Resume, and Willingness to Change

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A midlife crisis can be a traumatic time for anyone who’s experienced it. That said, it doesn’t have to be as depressing as it’s made out to be if you know how to accept the aging process as a natural progression in life.

What is a midlife crisis?

A midlife crisis is usually a different experience for everyone. Typically, it occurs around the 40-year age mark and anytime after as one comes to grips with the fact that they are advancing in age, often with the erroneous misconception that their best years are behind them.

Tips on overcoming the dreaded midlife crisis

A midlife crisis can be a difficult stage to get through. However, realizing that you aren’t alone and that many people go through the same thing should be somewhat of a comforting thought. Realizing you can come out on the other side of this whole ordeal happier and more content is a choice you have to make.

Accept the past for what it is

Realizing that there’s nothing anyone can do about changing the past is a crucial step to stop obsessing about what lies behind you so you can focus on the future. Choosing not to focus on the past but learning from it can be beneficial if you feel like you can grow from any mistakes or regrets you’ve experienced in the past. However, make sure that you’re taking steps to reconcile your past as opposed to ignoring it and “putting it into a box.” Not addressing the problem and letting it fester can be as bad as spending too much time focusing on it.

Embrace your changing roles, and talk about it

Perhaps the reason why you feel so disoriented at this phase of life is that you find it challenging to adapt to change. If so, it’s essential to take a step back and reevaluate how your roles in life are changing so that you can reframe your way of thinking. For example, maybe your little kids have grown into teenagers, and you feel like you aren’t as equipped to parent adolescents. Reading up on resources and talking to others that have navigated this phase of life might help give you the wisdom to embrace and appreciate this phase more. It may even be helpful to book a therapy session to do this important healing work.

Changing lanes career-wise

If your job makes you feel disconnected from enjoying life, this should clearly indicate that it’s time to change lanes career-wise. You can help increase the odds of a good outcome when applying for a job by updating your CV to represent your experience and skills in the best way possible. You can try this to design a professional-looking CV using the many templates available and then just adjust it as you see fit. For example, you can try this option to give your CV a fresh look before you start sending it out!

Opening a business

If opening a business is something you’ve been contemplating, and you’ve decided now is the time to do so, then going with an LLC is an excellent option if the sound of tax benefits, more flexibility, and limited liability is music to your ears. Just be sure that you know what the registration requirements are in your state, as these can differ from place to place. A formation service can help with this if you’re looking for affordable assistance.

Overcoming the hiccup of a midlife crisis is exactly that – a minor hurdle that prevents you from seeing the bright future still ahead of you. With these tips, you can hopefully get over this to take hold of opportunities such as a new, much more exciting, rewarding career coming at you.

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