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Blood of Zeus Season 2 Was Confirmed, But When Will It Be Out?

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Netflix has introduced several shows motivated by anime, and Blood of Zeus is the most recent section of this style. The show is amongst the top 10 Netflix shows, you’ll see after “The Queen’s Gambit” in late 2021. Being an anime fan, most people also end up being drawn to the composition of the anime as it stands out among other shows on Netflix. Here’s everything we know about Blood of Zeus season 2 so far. 

Blood of Zeus Season 2: Netflix Renewal Information + Other Facts! 

Blood of Zeus Season 2: Release Date

  • Blood of Zeus season 1 was made available on Netflix, seventeen months after its October 27th release. Season 1 was a huge success, so it wasn’t a shock that Blood of Zeus Season 2 would be revived. 
  • Wondering if the creation and recording has started for season 2? The answer is a hearty YES, and we can anticipate that it should be delivered in 2022. The Blood of Zeus was renewed by Netflix for the second season within a couple of months of the main season’s release! 
  • Netflix states that the Blood of Zeus is restored for season 2 and season 3. As of that point, fans are excited for the new season installment. The delivery date for Blood of Zeus which premiered on December 29, 2021 is not confirmed at this time. Be that as it may, more updates should be shared by Netflix soon! 
  • The news has come through the NX Twitter account, one of Netflix’s official communication channels, accompanied by a brief teaser that uses material from the already available episodes and that, unfortunately, does not provide a release date for the new batch of chapters.

Blood of Zeus Season 2: Cast

Blood of Zeus is a Netflix original anime series developed by its creator Charley and Vlas Parlapanides. The series is directed by Shaunt Nigoghossian and the production studio behind the anime, Powerhouse Animation Studios, is also behind other successful originals like Castlevania are sure to stun again! The company that has offered us the fantastic adaptation will surely come as great news to all those who have been eager to provide answers to the many questions that remained unanswered after the climax of the first season. One question that people wonder is who the cast will be? 

The cast of Blood of Zeus season 2 has not been revealed at this time. In any case, it is normal that the cast of season 1 returns. It will definitely include: 

  • Derek Phillips aka Heron
  • Jason O’Mara aka Zeus
  • Claudia Christian aka Hera
  • Elias Toufexis aka Seraphim
  • Mamie Gummer aka Electra

Blood of Zeus Season 2: Plot

Adult animation lovers who also have a Netflix subscription in their possession are in luck; because the streaming platform has announced the RETURN OF THE SERIES ‘Blood of Zeus’, which debuted last October. The show will continue to immerse us in its particular version of Greek mythology in a second season, but if you do not know the plot, here it is. 

Blood of Zeus is an oneiric arrangement that revolves around Heron, the mythical being son of Zeus, trying to save Olympus and Earth. The final scene of season 1 was extreme and left everyone considering what will happen in season 2. Zeus has lost his own life to save Hera, and now Olympus is left without a ruler. It is normal that his son Heron will probably take his place as the new boss of Olympus.

In the fight, we’ve seen Heron using Zeus-like forces to crush his brother Seraphim. This may persuade Heron to follow the same path as his father. Also, how Hera will react if Heron is the son of Zeus remains to be found out. Season 2 will also show how Seraphim will turn away from Hades’ fury after Hades offers him independence from endless discipline should he bow down to Hades like he once bowed down to Hera.

Chief among these evil presences is Seraphim, who is eventually revealed to be Heron’s half-brother, isolated upon entering the world. However, while Zeus cared for Heron with affection, Hera, the better half of the God of Thunder, watched Seraphim with anger and envy. During a significant portion of the arrangement, Heron and Seraphim end up arguing furiously as last-ditch efforts unleash destruction on Earth and Olympus.

Since its release in November 2020, the anime has made it onto dozens of the world’s top ten Netflix lists within a week. Most notably, Blood of Zeus has made it to third place on the US top ten list. Let’s pray the release is announced soon! 

Interesting Facts About Blood of Zeus 

Blood of Zeus is an American-Japanese ramen bowl: 

The adult animated television series is halfway between Japanese anime and classic American animation. This reminds us of the first minutes of the Castlevania series (this is also where we learned that it was the same studio, hence the similarities). This is a Particularly enjoyable anime if you really like Greek and Roman mythology, especially if you read comics on mythology from the publisher Glénat (which is highly recommended for all fans elsewhere!).

What is the Blood of Zeus series about? 

Although fascinating for many people, Greek mythology is very little represented in the world of series and cinema.

On this Netflix show, viewers will follow the character of Heron, the illegitimate son of Zeus. He will unfortunately find himself at the heart of a “household scene” at the height of the Gods. As a reminder, in mythology, Zeus is married to Hera. The latter, hurt, betrayed, and ashamed, decides to get in the way of Heron and his mother to make them and Zeus disappear.

Can children watch Blood of Zeus?

Unfortunately, from the start, you’ll know that the show is not for children who love everything that has to do with Greek mythology. 

Highly anticipated by the public, the first Netflix original mythological anime was released on the platform on October 27, 2020. Created by the brothers Charley and Vlas Parlapanides, this American production has eight episodes of around thirty minutes each. Blood of Zeus already delights fans of Greek mythology, anime, or even neither. It is, therefore, suitable for all tastes, but not for all ages! Categorized as “Pegi 16”, the series remains violent and quiet gore: sensitive souls abstain, and the directors have been generous in death and blood.

Even though we are following Heron, who is reminiscent of the story of Hercules, beware that this is a made-up story. Heron has not been illustrated anywhere in Greek mythology. This is in no way disturbing, on the contrary. I’m not used to animating on this kind of theme, and it was very refreshing to discover this series with each episode.

If the series has its faults, it also has its qualities, which means that for adults, it falls into the category “which is easy to watch”, and not “depressing”. 

Is Blood of Zeus good?

The public received this anime very well:

Many fans have been asking for the release of a series on Greek mythology and Netflix responded to this request with this anime. But then, the big issue was not to create a Percy Jackson remake. Even if at first sight the story of a mistreated and excluded young man who discovers himself as the son of a God of Olympus having to save the world corresponds completely to the main plot of Superman, Troy, Percy Jackson, etc. 

Thus, the anime has subsequently pleased the spectators with its new approach as we can see that from the opening of the series, the viewer is warned that he is going to watch the story of a “lost” tale through the ages that would never have been transcribed. 

It is the announcement of a new story, which has not already been seen and reviewed that peaks interest and the story then occurs during antiquity and, instead of staging a well-known mythological legend, the Parlapanid brothers decided to create a totally new character: Heron, an illegitimate son of Zeus (among many others). The purpose of his existence is to save the world from a demonic army, led by his twin half-brother Seraphim, whose existence he did not know for a long time. Heron and Seraphim were born at the same time from the same mother but with a different father, Zeus for Heron and the king for Seraphim: impossible in real life but not in mythology.

And lastly, the color palette and the already well-existing legends make it possible to bring this new story into the continuity of what we already know. 

We still find many real mythological legends giving us nightmares sent by Phobetor who feeds on our greatest fears, illusions created to confuse and deceive mortals by the Master of Illusions Phantasos, or the visions of truth sent by Morpheus the god of dreams to remind us of what we had forgotten. In addition, the color palette of each place is harmonious, elaborate and thoughtful. The colors chosen are part of this universe and help bring the viewer into the story. Also, the soundtrack always corresponds to the actions taking place on the screen and is never superfluous. It largely conveys the emotions of the protagonists to the viewer, who cannot really identify with these surreal characters. Each aspect of the story is worked on and developed, which makes it possible to enter the story without having the impression of having already heard or seen it in another form.

Feminism in Blood of Zeus:

The main female characters in the series, although only two in number, inspire power and respect. Hera is depicted as an angry woman who will do anything to achieve her ends, but who is respected and feared by all. Alexia is an intelligent and determined warrior who always manages to evade death thanks to her multiple talents and skills.


Nonetheless, some key story elements can be quickly and easily guessed, and the sheer amount of death and bloodshed throughout the series can still baffle the viewer.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, Blood of Zeus has storylines where elements can be predictable, but fortunately because the expectations were very high as thousands of people have been asking for a series or a new film on the theme of Greek mythology. 

Even if the anime has also been criticized, the overall opinion remains positive. Perfect for this beginning of confinement, this anime is simple to understand, entertaining and addictive. On Twitter, we can read many very enthusiastic comments such as: 

“ superb mini animated series, my rainy Sunday in quarantine is saved, thank you”, 

“ Blood of Zeus is just an incredibly incredible animated series! “, 

“ Blood Of Zeus: a visual slap”.

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