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Best Apps for a Student Learning to Cook

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There are so many restaurants and popular fast-food chains that are getting opened in every part of America and you must be having an all-time favorite that you think about when you are hungry. Americans are very fond of all kinds of fast-food and comfort food that they can have throughout the day as many people are students and people who work.

This means that almost everyone has little or no time to cook food. The only way out for them is to dine out or look for somebody who can cook food for them. This might cost a considerable amount of money and even then you are very less likely to get healthy food to eat.

Keeping this in mind, there are so many apps that are recommended by experts to help people especially students to learn cooking. The apps you are about to look at are available for free. All you need to do is have a smartphone or a handheld device connected to the internet. You can look at Spectrum internet services that can help you connect to a wide range of cooking apps and videos that will help you learn cooking.

Also, you can have a look at the different cooking channels on YouTube using Grande internet services. This way they get access to a pool of information and videos that you can watch and learn from. For now, let’s have a look at the different apps that can help you learn cooking, especially if you are a student or if you have a tight budget:


The app is one of the smart cooking support you can have that offers users some personalized guides and goes step by step which becomes easy-to-handle for many users. You can find some cool recipe recommendations and handy tools and videos to use and learn the art of creating some amazing food options.

Millions of users use this app to learn cooking and improve their life in the kitchen for free. Also, users can use their smart devices to learn millions of recipes from the best experts. Also, you can learn ways to use ingredients that you have on hand and get recipes according to your taste, mood and dietary needs and more.

App Store Rating: 4.7

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

The app offers the best infrastructure and learning mechanism that is provided by the best home cooks community. It is created by home cooking experts who have shared their resources including recipes and other resources that will stay with you wherever you are. The app gets you some cool recipes to get inspiration from including some personalized recommendations that you will definitely enjoy, get reviews from different members and things they recommend to help you make things better.

There are custom search filters that can help you search your food options according to the ingredients you have with you, allergens that you might have, your dietary needs and the amount of time you have.

App Store Rating: 2.7

Kitchen Stories

This is one of the best apps for students who always get midnight cravings and cannot figure what they should eat because they have no idea what to cook or how to cook. The app is becoming a cooking solution for millions of users around the world providing them with a way to learn cooking. You can find a lot of experts and foodies who publish their recipes with a global audience.

The app is very easy-to-use that offers a variety of delicious recipes and food options that is workable for beginners and experts at the same time. You can take pictures of your favorite food and recipes and food ideas in one place.

App Store Rating: 4.8


The app is simply one of the best ways to get you more creative in the kitchen and gets you recipes that are provided to users using the leftovers in the pantry or the refrigerator. This not only gets you help making food from things that you already have but also lets you become a food superhero and aids in stopping wasting the precious and limited resources we have.

You can add up the reusable ingredients that you are left with the fridge using the app, and it generates a recommended recipe that you can create. This is a very cool app for people who want to start with cooking using easy and cost-effective recipes and the opportunity to learn from experts from all over the world and in almost any language.  

App Store Rating: 4.8

Cookpad: Find & Share Recipes

This is one of the best apps you can find being a student or someone who lives alone. The app is more like a recipe-sharing platform that helps you share your recipes with audiences from around the world and helps you create home-cooked and healthy recipes whenever you want to. The app has a lot of creative food ideas from people who fancy home-cooked food and want to save money on their food expenses. The app is also for parents who have kids who create a lot of trouble for them when it comes to eating food.

You can create your own cookbook and get as creative as possible. The app also gets you something new to learn almost every day and will help you connect with the best chefs from around the world and compete in cooking challenges, cooking classes and other online activities that make your learning a more amusing experience.

App Store Rating: 4.4

In the end, one can say that using any of the apps mentioned above, is going to be one cool, creative and amazing learning experience for you. Just imagine the amount of money you can save by learning a thing or two about cooking and by utilizing the food resources you already have in your fridge. If you are an iPhone user or use any other iOS-based devices then you can get any of these amazing apps for yourself or a friend who struggles with cooking food.

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