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A Guide On How To Buy L Shaped Desks

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A great L shaped desk is an essential addition to your workspace if you’re trying to maximize the space of your home office and looking to increase your productivity and organization. When choosing the right desk, there are many factors to consider including space, size, and materials. This is an important process as we know that choosing the perfect desk for your home or office is a big deal. But don’t worry, we’ve listed down some different types of desks to help get the process going. In this article, we help you decide if you want the best overall, the best looking, or the best budget. Everything is according to Amazon so anyone can shop with this information for the best L shaped desks available.

L Shaped Desks: Reviews, Types, Advantages, and Shopping! 

Why L Shaped Desks?

Corner or L shaped desks are two of many different desk styles; however, they are both incredibly efficient desks because you are able to keep everything within reach. These types of desks are also referred to as corner office furniture and they offer drawer space to keep your files, supplies, and computer hardware close at hand.

The structure:

An L-shaped desk can fit into corners easily, or along walls. A corner or L-shaped desk is, therefore, able to provide a great deal of workspace without sacrificing office space. 

Minimize procrastination and maximize your space:

An L-shaped desk is a great solution when you need to minimize procrastination and maximize your space. This is because L-shaped desks offer extra surface area while keeping all of your paperwork and belongings within arm’s reach, plus L shaped desks give you the space for books, papers, or even another monitor!

Stay organized: 

One of the hurdles to getting things done is staying organized, and when you want to get more done in your workspace, go for the L shaped desk. 

Do other things as well, maybe on another corner:

Do you do more than just work on the computer? If so then L-shaped desks can give you the space you need to do more than one thing at a time.

Larger desk types provide computer space as well as a flat working office space, allowing for multiple uses.

Popular Corner & L-Shaped Desk Finishes

The quality of finish and the style of your desk can help create the atmosphere of a room. For example, a clear corner computer desk can feel light, minimalistic, and airy, while a darker desk has a sophisticated, rich, sturdy feel to it. 

A white desk on the other hand will have a neutral feel to it, free from distractions so that you can focus. Some of the most popular finishes are gray, white, brown, and cherry.  

Popular L-Shaped Desks Reviewed By Amazon’s Editorial Team: 

The best L-shaped desks according to 21OAK are as follows. We have listed them from cheapest to the most expensive: 

1. Amazon’s Choice, Best budget L-shaped desk on SHW L-Shape Corner Desk

Cost: $68.87

You can kick back and relax in more comfort than ever with the SHW L-Shape Corner Desk’s featured footrest bar. This desk features an amazing nifty adjustable glide to help stabilize and balance the desk, so you won’t ever have to worry about uneven floors. As you can see, the SHW L-Shape Corner Desk essentially helps you transform your office into an active, adaptable workspace. This stunning L-shaped desk has an excellent work surface made of particle board and a steel frame with a powder-coated finish for a sturdy yet stunning modern design. 

2. Best looking L-shaped desk on Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Desk

Cost: $84.89 and up

This desk has a round corner design with adjustable leg pads, which helps the table stay stable even on an uneven floor. The Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Desk offers is made of a high-quality P2 MDF board and black metal frame, offering a large weight capacity and features an “X” style bracing that ensures stability and durability. Another thing it offers is a sleek modern design crafted with durable steel. Essentially, The Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Desk is made of a large desktop in three pieces, the desk can be separated into two tables, which help expand the space effectively and complement any room.

3. Best overall on Walker Edison L-Shaped Glass Computer Desk 

Cost: $119.99 + $277.59 shipping

The Walker Edison L-Shaped Glass Computer Desk is crafted from beveled tempered safety glass and powder-coated steel legs, making it a way to Modernize your home office or study. 

The Walker Edison L-Shaped Glass Computer Desk is brilliant because it has a flexible configuration allowing you to mount the tray on either side of the desk according to your needs. 

This desk is both durable and exceptionally long-lasting as the classic L design provides the perfect fit for space-saving needs and features a sliding keyboard tray and CPU stand for gamers or working professionals! 

Unfettered by excessive drawers and shelves, the simple design of the Walker Edison L-Shaped Glass Computer Desk is the fact that this three-piece corner desk exudes sophistication.

Types of L Shaped Desks

Here are some L Shaped Desks you can check out for inspiration. These images have been taken from and offer you a plethora of styles that are distinct. These different types of desks are here to inspire your future home if you’re shopping for a new house or they can also be looked at with the eyes of a desk buyer interested in fitting a new L shaped desk according to your current style of decor. 

L Shaped Desks with Hutch

L-shaped desks with hutches offer plenty of storage and their unique design makes them great space saving desks. 

L Shaped Computer Desks

L-shaped computer desks surround you with a working surface and drawer space to keep your files, supplies and computer hardware close at hand.

L Shaped Executive Desks

A handsome and traditional workstation, L shaped executive desks help you create a home office or renew an outdated business space with corner office furniture in modern and traditional styles that combine beauty and functionality.

Modern L Shaped Desks

Modern style l-desks are all about adjustable heights for a desk with a contemporary look including attractive chrome and laminate finishes. Modern style l-desks is the style you’re looking for with the functionality you need in an office desk!

Compact L Desks

Looking for furniture that can easily fit into a tiny room? Small L desks or compact L desks are workstations that are ideal for homes and businesses that have little space to spare. These L shaped desks keep the footprint of your workspace tight and compact.

Height Adjustable L Desks

Need to change up your height? No problem. Height Adjustable L Desks offer adjusting taller or shorter desks that can accommodate any changing space. Your furniture can grow with your business or adapt to your home office space.

Hope this article helped narrow down your search! 

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