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6 Reasons Why Massage Can Significantly Benefit Your Health

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Getting a massage now and again has become a very popular manner for people to destress and recharge after a draining week. Now that the massage therapy field is growing, you should probably familiarize yourself with its amazing benefits. Read on to see why you should get a massage once in a while to improve your overall health.

1. They are great for stress relief

Everyday life is quite stressful and in order to cope with the challenges it brings we need to unwind from time to time. The great way to do so is to get a massage. Massaging the soft tissue of our bodies has a stress relieving effect because when it’s stimulated the hormones called endorphin and oxytocin are released. Another important thing to mention is that wellness tourism has skyrocketed because of this exact reason. Lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore has gained traction because so many people want to get away from their busy schedules and enjoy the best possible massages they can get while also being immersed in another culture.

2. Massages can alleviate pain

Another big aspect of massages’ great popularity is that they can ease the muscle aches and pains. Manipulating the soft tissue can ease up the built up tension in the muscles and other connective tissue which will make you throw your painkillers down the drain. Recent studies have alleged that massage can lessen the need for pain killing medicine by as much as 36 percent. Massage therapy has also been said to be a better option than acupuncture or chiropractic care if you have issues with back pain specifically. Massages are also good for stopping headaches. There has been sufficient research which suggests that massage therapy is a great way of treating migraines.

3. Make insomnia a thing of past

Getting a good night of sleep is crucial in order to have a productive and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from a disorder called insomnia. It is when you can’t, for one reason or another, fall asleep and have a nice sleeping schedule. One way of soothing the body and preparing it for the lovely shut eye is by getting a deep massage. Massages are a great way of relaxation and the more relaxed you are the more likely it is you’ll fall asleep on time.

4. Massages can boost your immune system

Having a healthy body is of utmost importance and in order for our body to fight the illnesses we need to have a functioning immune system. There’s been some medical research which suggests that getting a massage can positively affect the immune system. The type of massage which is the most effective in this is lymphatic drainage massage. By setting the fluid called lymph in motion, the lymphatic system is activated and with it the immune system. 

5. They can help with PMS

Going through your period painless and stressless is so important to many people who menstruate. However, the truth is that most of us go through period cramps and mood swings a couple of days before the bleeding. Luckily, massage therapy can help with the symptoms of PMS. If you opt for getting a massage when you’re bloated and premenstrual, it is said that you’ll probably have a cycle that is free of unnecessary pain.

6. It is great for skin

Massage therapy boosts the circulation which is the key for having healthy glowing skin. When you get a facial, you will probably notice that the beautician will massage your face afterwards. This way the products will sink into your skin better with the added benefit of brightened complexion.

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