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14 Signs He Wants To Make Love To You For Sure!

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Tenderness, tolerance, involvement…certain signs leave no doubt about the love that your guy has (or not) for you. The signs he wants to make love to you can be broken down into these 14 indicators. 

Signs He Wants To Make Love To You: 14 Clues That Are True! 

The language of the body is very interesting. Desire cannot be controlled, of course, but it can be seen and felt! 

The body calls to mate with the other, there’s a desire and strong need to touch it. When there is a burning desire we want to fully enjoy each new opportunity to embrace. 

On the other hand, if we do not feel much desire for the other, physical contact is restricted as much as possible, the body and the gaze are elusive and gestures are downright non-existent. 

1. A look of fire

A stable desire which is continuous, burning, and consistent is the number one sign. 

You are in front of your new target and he does not take his eyes off you. He looks at you stupidly, smiling and his eyelids dilate. Even when you look away, it stays fixed on you and especially your lips! 

When you walk away, you feel his eyes riveted on your buttocks. 

If he’s a shy person, maybe he’ll look at you more modestly, giving you little intimidated smiles from time to time – but he will still check out your body! 

2. Expressive body language

Pay attention to the body language of your crush, because you could detect his sexual desire for you. If he noticeably reduces the distance between you every time you talk to each other, that’s a good sign. 

Some signs, like leaning towards you, putting a hand on your knee, brushing/holding/touching your waist, speak volumes. 

By placing a hand on your knee or by touching your waist for example, his little touches mean that he wants you. 

3. Explicit words

If he compliments you on your looks or clothes or hair, that’s a very good sign. 

“You’re beautiful” from a man means that he finds you desirable.

Another thing to look out for is when you strike up a private conversation, he will often use terms with strong sexual connotations and makes erotic allusions. Unless the guy is joking like that with everyone, these words say a lot about his intentions.

4. You can sense that he’s gaga for you 

At first, when you’re in love, you act like a bit of an idiot – and so should he. 

Signs he wants to make love to you can be indicated through a tenderness and deep affection that continues beyond lovemaking which you can predict before the act itself.  

On the other hand, a person who falls asleep while you talk to him or who goes about other occupations such as TV, drinks with friends, or work does not bode well for the signs he wants to make love to you. 

You will have to run after the affection and the desire of your partner, so just run in the opposite direction!

5. He really cares about your life

If he talks a lot about him and doesn’t let you, it’s dead. On the other hand, you can count on him if he listens to you, asks you questions about your job, your family, your friends and gives you advice. 

Warning: his absence when you tell him about your passion for the Bachelor or the super efficiency of the last tampon is not a sign of disenchantment. To talk about “girls” subjects, you have your girlfriends.

6. He makes you come into his private space

“I had hardly ever said that”, 

“Do you think these underpants fit me well?”, 

Or by text just before his job interview are all little sentences that show, in more or less obvious ways, that this man trusts you, that he is ready to lower his shield to allow you to enter his world. If you like it too, go for it.

7. He wants to make up for the time spent without you

He talks to you about his mother, his sister, his grandfather, or Miranda, the girl he was in love with in kindergarten. He speaks of his greatest shame, the loss of his first baby tooth, and his difficult adolescence. 

In short, of all his past which could help you to know him better and to understand him better.

8. He is cuddly

A little hand passed behind your back without him even realizing it, a kiss on the tip of your nose, a speck of dust that he removed from your knee, or a crumb from your cheek: little marks of tenderness that say it all. 

9. He loves you for the way you are

In the film When Harry meets Sally, Harry makes the most beautiful declarations of love to his beauty: 

“I love that you have a runny nose when it’s 22°C, I love that you take an hour and a half to order a sandwich, I love the little wrinkle you have there when you look at me like I’m crazy. I love that after spending the day with you my clothes are all perfumed by your smell and I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to bed”. 

So, if he looks disgusted when he sees three hairs under your armpits, refuses to approach you when you are sick, wants to change your dress style, it points to signs that he may just want to use you for sex. 

10. He lets you be happy

A man who loves you wants you to be happy, even if events of all kinds upset him or bother him deeply (like working too late, your best friend hunk, or your night out with your single girlfriends), if he knows that’s what you are looking for, it will make you happy and will push you to get started.

11. He wants to please you and makes an effort

Whenever you offer him an activity he doesn’t want, he dodges. 

You ask him to go with you to see this movie and he automatically replies: No interest, or you ask him to come shopping with you and he says: “Naaa I have things to do (like hanging out in front of the TV)”, then he is not going to compromise. 

Now, if he is not able to compromise and try to help you, it is because he does not care about your well-being, and therefore he is not in love. 

On the other hand, if he has postponed an evening with his friends for you and comes to take care of you when you have the flu or has sparkling eyes when he gives you a present: there is a good chance that he loves you.

12. He plans for the medium / long term

“Do you think we’re going to the opera/mountain/abroad” in three months / next summer? If the gentleman projects himself with a smile, it is because he sees himself continuing this beautiful story with you. So, both of you might be heading to bed soon! 

13. He wants to add you to “the three levels of social relations”

The three-level rule: when a man is in love, he not only wants to spend time with the person (level 1), his friends and family (level 2), and introduce you to his family (level 3).

Three spheres of intimacy allow you to get to know the other better and share intense moments with them. Next to it is an equally crucial 4th level: the one where you live your life on your own least you risk suffocating yourself. 

14. Here’s what you can do to speed it up

If you come across someone withdrawn, whose body language is not very explicit, to discover if he wants to have sex with you, use all these means yourself. 

Maintain eye contact, speak in a low voice, dare to touch him and put words to your desire, make slow and sensual gestures, and see what happens. If he is receptive to your signals, it may well be that this affair ends in bed!

So in short, love can make you act silly and soft, but love is more powerful than the fountain of youth, so no matter how old you are, one of the best signs he wants to make love to you is to embrace that childhood sweetness and keep expectations high in your little cloud of love! 

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